Kitchen & Dining

Elevate your hosting experience with exquisite dining essentials from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Bring home a delightful collection of kitchen & dining, kitchenware items and dining essentials and elevate your everyday life with Pure Home + Living (PHL). Crafted meticulously with premium-quality materials like porcelain and glass, these kitchen & dining pieces, kitchenware items and dining essentials are designed with great attention to detail, to elevate your kitchen and dining needs. Whether you’re a host looking to impress your guests or in need of a housewarming or wedding gift, kitchen & dining items, kitchenware items and crockery dinner set from Pure Home + Living have got you covered.

India’s leading brand for home decor and accessories, at Pure Home + Living you will be able to choose from a vast range of colors for home decor, bathroom accessories, organizing essentials,barware, dinnerware, drinkware and a lot more. Known for contemporary and chic pieces of impeccable quality, we transform your home to make every day special.

Explore the wide range of kitchenware from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Choosing the right kitchen set for home, kitchenware items and kitchen and dining essentials is as integral as selecting the right meal for your guests. As a host, Pure Home + Living (PHL) checks this task off your list. Give your crockery dinner set a revamp with the newest and most luxurious trends in town. Style our dining essentials for home with exquisite cutlery, crockery dinner set, and other kitchen essentials. Let your guests taste luxury with Pure Home + Living. Choose from over 200 products ranging from kitchen set for home, kitchenware items and kitchen and dining essentials, tableware, Serveware, Tea and coffee essentials,cutlery to table linens. Create a welcoming ambience effortlessly by shopping kitchen set for home, kitchenware items and kitchen and dining items online from PHL.

Dinnerware: Where elegance meets style

The carefully created dinnerware collection from Pure Home + Living (PHL) has over 200 products. Made of premium materials, elevate your dining experience with our dinner plates, charger plates and dessert plates . With pieces spruced up with 24 karat gold details, these will lend luxury to every bite. Style your table with side bowls to complete the look.

Charger Plates

Giving your table setting an extra layer of elegance and sophistication, charger plates serve as a stylish foundation for your dinnerware and keep your table free from spills and stains. They’re a beautiful and practical addition to any tablescape and will upgrade your hosting game effortlessly.

Dinner Plates

Dinner plates as the name suggests, are larger plates that allow ample room for the food. These plates not only serve a functional purpose but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a dining table.

Dessert Plates

These are smaller plates designed for sweet treats and desserts post-meal. They have a compact size that is perfectly suited to portions of cake, pie, or other desserts, presenting them elegantly without overwhelming the delicacies. Available in a multitude of designs, materials, and colors, dessert plates add a sweet touch to any dining experience.

Serveware: Serve with flair and functionality

Pure Home + Living (PHL) combines functionality and flair when it comes to its serveware collection. From butter dishes, cookie stands to cutlery sets and much more, at Pure Home + Living (PHL) you will find serveware that will help to piece together an inviting tablescape. Enjoy luxurious meals with our butter dish, cookie stands and salad bowls and make Pure Home + Living (PHL) a part of your every meal with our range of gravy boats and platters.

Cookie stands

Lay out those sweet cookies in style on your tabletop with our cookie stands . Showcasing a beautiful texture and designed in myriad colors, use these to display your most delectable treats and sweet nibbles.

Cutlery sets

Consisting of forks, knives, and spoons, cutlery sets are essentials for eating and serving food. Offering functionality and style, they elevate the table’s aesthetics. They come in gold and silver colors to suit different dining styles.

Tea and Coffee Essentials: Enjoy your favourite brew in style

For all the coffee connoisseurs and tea lovers, Pure Home + Living has a range of coffee cup, tea cup and saucers sets and much more, to let you indulge in your favourite brew in style. Buying coffee and tea essentials online is easier at where you can choose from our mugs and cup and saucer sets . >

Coffee Mugs

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee in Pure Home + Living’s collection of coffee mugs . They feature a comfortable handle for easy hold and are larger than tea cups to accommodate a cup full of coffee. Available in a variety of colors and prints, these also serve as an element of decor and will lend personality to your kitchen.

Tea cups and saucers

Teacups and saucers are just what you need to serve your favourite tea and other hot beverages. The small cup is designed to hold the drink and the saucer is used to catch the spills and provide stability. Available in a variety of colors and prints, these will lend elegance and sophistication to your tea-time ritual.

Tea pot set

Comprising a teapot, milk pot and a sugar bowl, this teapot set is what you need to accompany your tea cups and saucers. Available in a variety of colors and prints, these can transform a simple tea break into a ritual.

Cutlery: Unleash culinary mastery with precision

Every kitchen set at home has a set of cutlery that is reserved for special occasions. Pure Home + Living‘s collection of cutlery makes you feel like a guest every day. Give your dining a gleaming update with exquisite cutlery sets, dessert forks, knives and spoons. Make an essential addition to your kitchen set at home or invest in a timeless gifting idea for your newly-wed friends.

Table linen & accessories: Complementing your culinary creations

Lend color and charm to your tablescape with tablemats , napkin rings and placemats from Pure Home + Living. Available in a wide variety of colors, materials and prints like checkered and faux leather mandala designs to name a few, they are made to impress.


Experience the art of dining and setting the perfect tablescape with our set of classic placemats . The perfect touch to elevate casual lunches and formal dinners, these elegant tabletop accessories are easy to use and maintain. Featuring timeless prints and embroidered details, these placemats will complement any dining setting effortlessly.

Napkin rings

Secure your cloth napkins in place with our collection of napkin rings . Adding a functional unit, these will give an opportunity to lend a decorative element to the table.

Tips to care for your Kitchenware items

Here are the easy-to-follow tips to care for your kitchenware:

i) Regular Cleaning:

Wash kitchenware immediately after use to prevent food residue from hardening and becoming difficult to remove. Always use gentle cleaners and avoid abrasive rubbing techniques.

ii) Proper Storage:

Store all your kitchenware in a dry, cool place to prevent rust and mold. Use dividers to avoid scratches and damage.

iii) Gentle Handling:

Handle fragile items like glassware and ceramic carefully to avoid chips and cracks. It will help increase their life and they will stand the test of time.

iv) Use Appropriate Cleaning Tools:

Use non-abrasive sponges and mild detergents to protect the finish and coating of your kitchenware.

v) Avoid High Heat:

Do not expose kitchenware to extreme temperatures or direct flame unless it is designed for such use, to prevent warping and damage.

vi) Follow Instructions:

Always refer to the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, especially for items like pans, dinnerware pieces and specialty cookware.

Why choose Pure Home + Living for kitchenware

Pure Home + Living offers a wide variety of kitchen pieces to choose from. PHL is known for its high-quality, durable products that ensure longevity. Their kitchenware combines functionality with elegant, modern designs that enhance any kitchen decor. With a diverse range, PHL ensures you get something for every kitchen need. These pieces will add to your aesthetic and personality effortlessly.


Does a ceramic dinner set break easily?

If handled with care, ceramic is the best material for kitchen and dining items. Pure Home + Living offers kitchenware items from dinner plates to serving platters made of ceramic. You can buy them online from PHL.

How do I choose the best kitchen set for my home?

To choose the best kitchen set for your home, consider the number of items, the material, your cooking habits, and storage space. Look for sets that match your kitchen decor and are made from durable, easy-to-clean materials.

What does a standard crockery set include?

A standard crockery set typically includes dinner plates, side plates, bowls, cups, and saucers. Some sets may also come with serving dishes, salad plates, and mugs.

What factors should I consider when selecting serving platters and bowls?

When selecting serving platters and bowls, consider the material (porcelain, stoneware, glass, melamine) for durability and suitability. Choose the right size and shape based on your serving needs, and ensure the design complements your table setting. Look for functional features like microwave and dishwasher safety, and prioritize durability and versatility for long-term use.

Are there any specific care instructions for dining essentials?

To care for kitchenware and dinnerware pieces, it is essential to use non-abrasive and gentle cleaners for your kitchen and dining products. Pure Home + Living offers real 24K gold rim details on some pieces, so it is best to refrain from putting them in microwaves and make special note of the dishwasher warnings on crockery online.

Product Name Price
Set of 20 Ivory Gold Rimmed Ceramic Dinnerware ₹ 16,999
Set of 20 Ivory Gold Criss Cross Ceramic Dinnerware ₹ 19,999
Set of 20 Ivory Gold Scalloped Rim Ceramic Dinnerware ₹ 19,999
Set of 20 Ivory Gold Rimmed Ceramic Dinnerware ₹ 19,999
Set of 4 Blue Floral Print Cotton Napkins ₹ 1,399
Set of 2 Blue and Off White Geometric Cotton Placemats ₹ 699
Set of 4 Purple Floral Print Cotton Napkins ₹ 1,399