Dinner Plates

Dinner Plates

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Dinner plates can play a vital role in putting together a table scape for everyday or for occasions. To make every meal a memorable experience, Pure Home + Living features a colorful yet classic selection of dinner plates in ceramic and porcelain.

A timeless set of dinnerware adds a touch of refinement and sophistication in addition to the overall functionality. For the perfect dining setting, shop Pure Home + Living’s dinner plates, dessert plates, side plates and more.

Explore our selection of dinner plates

Dinner plate is an essential component of a great dining experience. Be it a special feast or everyday meal, a dinner plate serves as the ultimate crockery option to serve a course of meals deliciously and aesthetically.

Light Green Ceramic Dinner Plates:

This set of green dinner plates is beautifully designed to lend an aesthetic appeal to your dinnerware collection. The plates are characterized by a refreshing green shade and a luxurious 24 karat golden rim.

Teal Floral Shaped Glass Dinner Plates:

This timeless dinner plate set by Pure Home + Living is an exclusive addition to your dining collection. These plates are designed in a beautiful floral shape and feature a classic ombre center to add a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Ivory and Gold Ceramic Dinner Plates:

Set up an inviting tablescape with these timeless ivory ceramic dinner plates. Exuding understated elegance, they feature intricate 24 karat real gold rim detail. These dinner plates are a great addition to your dining collection to use for occasions and otherwise.

Why shop dinner plates online from Pure Home + Living?

From elegant ceramic plates to striking floral shaped ones, the choices of dining plates and cutlery at Pure Home + Living are endless. Here is a glimpse of what our unique collection has to offer:

Diversity in colors and styles:

The collection at Pure Home + Living features dining plates with intricate details like scallop and real gold rim details, fizz-like and ribbed patterns, blue and light green hues, and also plates in darker shades to mix and match.

Quality materials:

Designed out of top-quality materials like ceramic, porcelain, and glass, our designer plates are not only aesthetic but also durable when handled with utmost care.

Elegant designs:

Our classic collection features mesmerizing designs and styles, including ribbed and clear gold plates. At Pure Home + Living, we have something for everyone, from someone who prefers minimal designs to someone who like maximal prints on their dinner plates.

Affordable luxury:

With options available at every price point, Pure Home + Living’s collection of stylish dining plates has the perfect balance of affordability and luxury.

Discover our best selling dinner plates from Pure Home + Living

The collection of beautiful dinner plates at Pure Home + Living is a testament to aesthetic appeal, quality, functionality, and versatility. Transform your dining experiences with our exquisite dinnerware!

  • Green Floral Shaped Glass Dinner Plates
  • Blue Dune Glass Dinner Plates
  • White Dinner Plates with Silver Rim

Discover timeless dinner plates for occasions and everyday

Each of our dining plate sets is uniquely designed while keeping in mind your overall preference and taste. Whether you have invited guests for a dinner party or wish to serve your family, Pure Home + Living has the perfect dinner plates and platters for every occasion. Our dining sets are visually appealing and functional at the same time.


1. What type of dinnerware is best for daily use?

If you wish to enhance functionality while also focusing on aesthetics, you can shop glass, porcelain or ceramic dinner plates online from Pure Home + Living.

2. Which color dinner plates are the best?

Most homeowners choose white dinner plates for everyday use and colorful ones for occasions. However, you can experiment with colors, keeping in mind a theme (if any) of your table setting or the generic color scheme of your home while buying dinner plates online. Pure Home + Living offers a wide range of equally attractive colors, such as blue, teal, green, and others, when you wish to upgrade your dining collection. The colors of dinner plates at Pure Home + Living are ideal to mix and match with the classic white dinner plates to elevate the look.

3. Can I mix and match different dinner plate designs?

Yes. With PHL’s extensive collection of unique dinner plate designs, you can mix and match your favorite design to enhance the overall decor.

Product Name Price
Basic Beige Dinner Plate ₹ 595
Set Of 2 Pink Floral Shaped Glass Dinner Plates ₹ 2,399
Set Of 2 Blue Floral Shaped Glass Dinner Plates ₹ 2,399
Set Of 2 Pink Radial Glass Dinner Plates ₹ 1,959
Set Of 2 Green Floral Shaped Glass Dinner Plates ₹ 2,399
Vera Dinner plate ₹ 560
Set Of 2 Yellow Floral Shaped Glass Dinner Plates ₹ 2,399