Create an unforgettable dining experience with dinnerware from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Nothing is more enjoyable than a good meal with your loved ones. Be it breakfast to boost your morning energy or dinner after a hectic day. However, to make the experience more enjoyable all you need is to have a perfectly laid table with stunning dinnerware that will elevate your dining experience with loved ones.

It is often said that a simple meal can taste even better when served on elegant dinner plates. It not only helps to serve delicious food in a functional manner but also aesthetically elevates your overall experience, making it one of the most essential home decor items.

Setting the table is an art. The cutlery, the glasses, and the dinnerware play an integral role in determining the mood and ambience of any occasion. In the list of dinnerware essentials, each item has a specific purpose, ensuring that the food is served perfectly. From charger plates, dinner plates and dessert plates, to serving bowls, cutlery and much more, these key pieces are a must to put together an inviting table setting.

If you are planning to invite some guests and want to impress them with food and decor, Pure Home + Living (PHL) can help you. Pure Home + Living’s (PHL) dinnerware collection offers a huge selection of dinnerware for you to choose from. A wide variety of dinner plates, charger plates, dessert plates, serving bowls and more, made from the finest materials and available in various colours options. Be it for everyday use or special occasions, Pure Home + Living’s (PHL) assortment will never fail to impress.

From elegant home décor items like vases, votives, and lamps to cushion covers, tablemats, dinnerware, drinkware, faux flower arrangements, and more, at Pure Home + Living you will get pieces to elevate your home instantly. Make your home inviting and charismatic by upgrading to premium home décor items. Go beyond decoration house items and bring personality to your space with Pure Home + Living.

Make your dining experience memorable by choosing the perfect dinnerware

When we talk about the perfect dining experience, the first thought that comes to mind is the dinner set. It may sound simple, but a dinner set can add a dash of sophistication and elevate the mood of the space. It holds a special significance beyond its basic functional purpose. Choosing the perfect dinnerware can play a significant role in various aspects of our daily life, special occasions, and cultural contexts. Here are some of the reasons why the selection of dinnerware matters:

Aesthetic Appeal - The right dinnerware can enhance the visual appeal of a meal. A beautifully set table with matching or complementing plates, bowls, glasses, and utensils can elevate the dining experience. This visual stimulation can even make the food seem more delicious. At Pure Home + Living (PHL) you will find aesthetically pleasing dinnerware for every occasion and mood.

Special Occasions - For events such as weddings, anniversaries, and holidays, the choice of dinnerware can significantly affect the atmosphere. It can set the mood and theme of the event. For example, classic white ceramic might be chosen for formal gatherings, while more casual or fun colours could be preferred for relaxed family get-togethers.

Functionality - The right dinnerware can also make eating more convenient and enjoyable. For instance, certain cuisines require particular types of bowls or plates to be most effectively enjoyed. At Pure Home + Living (PHL) you will find serving bowls and platters of different sizes to suit all your needs.

Expression of Personal Style - Dinnerware offers an opportunity for individuals to express their personal style and tastes. Whether one prefers classic, ornate or modern designs, the choice of dinnerware is an extension of personal aesthetics.

Economic Value - High-quality dinnerware can be a good investment. At Pure Home + Living (PHL) you will find dinnerware that stands as a testament to its quality and commitment to bringing you the latest designs.

Buy dinnerware online from Pure Home + Living (PHL) to make your home stylish

Be it your everyday meal or a special celebration, a thoughtful, put-together tablescape can set the mood. And for the perfect tablescape, you need stunning dinnerware that will elevate your dining experience effortlessly.

The perfect dinnerware not only complements your culinary creations but also elevates the ambience of the entire experience. While there are numerous pieces to consider when curating your dining table, here are some must-haves that you can pick online from Pure Home + Living (PHL).

1. Charger Plates

Giving your table setting an extra layer of elegance and sophistication, charger plates serve as a stylish foundation for your dinnerware and keep your table free from spills and stains. They’re a beautiful and practical addition to any tablescape providing depth and layer to your setting and will upgrade your hosting game effortlessly. Whether fine porcelain, decorative glass, or sophisticated metal, at Pure Home + Living (PHL), you can find charger plates to lend a touch of luxury to your setting.

2. Dinner Plates

Dinner plates are the most used dinnerware item. Complementing your charger plate, a dinner plate is where your culinary creations take center stage. Thus, it is imperative to select dinner plates that are versatile and reflect your aesthetics. At Pure Home + Living, you will find dinner plates ranging from classic whites that will lend your table a timeless appeal and fun, colourful pieces to add a joyful touch to intricately embossed pieces for a more eclectic feel. Durable, adequately sized, and suitable for various dishes, these are a must for your tablescape.

3. Dessert Plates

Smaller than dinner plates, dessert plates are designed to give prominence to the final course. Whether it's pie or cake, this plate ensures that the spotlight remains on the sweet treat.

Choose from Pure Home + Living’s (PHL) collection of dessert plates that are sure to complement your dinner plates while adding a touch of whimsy and conclude your meal on a memorable note.

4. Serving and Side Bowls

Bowls are an essential dinnerware item for every cuisine and meal type. From salads and soups to pasta and rice dishes, bowls come into play frequently. Pure Home + Living’s curation offers a vast variety of serving bowls that are perfect to serve and side bowls for the side dishes. Choose a set that matches your plates or dare to mix and match for a creative dining setup.

5. Cutlery

A meal is only complete with the right set of cutlery. Beyond their functional purpose, forks, knives, and spoons play a significant role in defining the dining table's aesthetics. From sleek stainless steel to luxurious gold-toned pieces, Pure Home + Living’s selection ensures that the pieces you choose feel luxurious and enhance the overall table setting.

6. Cookie Stands -

Cookie stands are the epitome of presenting baked delights with a touch of grandeur. Especially popular during the festive season, cookie stands display desserts in a multi-tiered fashion. These tiered structures, often made of porcelain, glass, or metal, offer a vertical showcase for a variety of cookies, allowing each type to have its own spotlight. Perfect for tea parties, holiday gatherings, or special events, cookie stands add depth and dimension to the dessert table. Beyond their functional purpose, they infuse a sense of occasion and a dash of elegance into any setting transforming a simple array of cookies into an elegant, appetizing centerpiece that beckons guests to indulge and admire. Pure Home + Living (PHL) offers you cookie stands in classic colours like amber and white and even seasonal shades to lend colour to your set-up.

Enhance your dining experience with dinnerware from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

While dinnerware on its own can set the mood for your dining experience, here are some tips and tricks you need to keep in mind while putting together the perfect tablescape.

1. Mix and Match - While matching dinnerware provides a cohesive look, the trend of mixing patterns, colours, and even materials lends a contemporary and dynamic feel. Pair a patterned dinner plate with a solid-coloured dessert plate, or use contrasting charger plates for a bold statement.

2. Occasion Matters - Tailor your dinnerware choices to the occasion. Formal events might call for classic ceramic and porcelain, while for a festive gathering, our bright radial dinnerware would be perfect.

3. Stay Updated - Dinnerware trends evolve, with newer designs, materials, and techniques emerging. Stay updated to ensure your dining experiences are always fresh and relevant.

4. Add personality - Lend your table a dash of personality with dinnerware that suits your personal style and tastes. Whether one prefers classic colours with minimal details or vibrant hues, the choice of dinnerware is an extension of personal aesthetics.

Dinnerware is not just about functionality; it's about expression, style, and creating experiences. Whether you're hosting a festivedinner or enjoying a quiet meal at home, the right dinnerware can make all the difference.


Which material is best for a dinner set?

Materials such as porcelain and glass are considered the best for a dinner set. These materials are durable and lend your dining table a touch of sophistication. At Pure Home + Living (PHL) you can shop dinnerware in ceramic, glass and metal to suit every occasion. With 24 karat real gold detailing, these are one-of-a-kind pieces you cannot miss.

What is the best colour for a dinner set?

If you want a minimal dinner set, white, ivory or cream can be a great pick for you. However, if you want to bring some vibrancy to the space, you can go for pleasing prints and designs. At Pure Home + Living (PHL) you can shop dinnerware in all the trending colours of the season like pink, blue, green, red, teal to name a few.

How do I choose dinnerware for a special occasion?

When it comes to choosing dinnerware for a special occasion, consider the occasion’s theme and colour scheme. For an opulent evening, choose PHL’s collection of Baroque and Dune dinnerware. If you like to keep your tablescape set up minimal and timeless, pick ceramic and porcelain pieces that feature elegant details to elevate the dining experience.

What are some tips for maintaining the longevity of my dinnerware?

To maintain your dinnerware and make sure it stands the test of time, you should take proper care of the pieces. Made of glass, ceramic and porcelain, these pieces should never be kept directly in extreme temperatures like in a freezer or an oven. These delicate pieces should always be hand-washed instead of using the dishwasher. Use a gentle detergent and avoid abrasive scrubbers to prevent scratching. Lastly, stack them carefully on a stand or using separators.

Can I mix and match different dinnerware sets?

You can surely mix and match different dinnerware sets. In fact, using your creativity to mix and match different dinnerware pieces will help you set up a unique tablescape. It will lend personality and style to your tablescape making it one of a kind. To ensure cohesion, focus on harmonizing colours, patterns, or styles. Combining contrasting textures or colours can also bring depth and interest to your dining experience. Remember, the key is balancing variety with unity.

Product Name Price
Set of 2 Pink Fabric Textured Dinner Plates ₹ 2,399
Set of 2 Pink Fabric Textured Dessert Plates ₹ 1,399
Set of 2 Pink Fabric Textured Serving Bowls ₹ 1,199
Set of 2 Pink Fabric Textured Small Bowls ₹ 799
Yellow and Pink Floral Shaped Glass Serving Bowl ₹ 1,299
Set of 2 Yellow and Pink Floral Shaped Side Glass Bowls ₹ 1,399
Set of 2 Yellow and Pink Floral Shaped Small Glass Bowls ₹ 999