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Transform your living space with stylish home textiles from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Lend your abode an elegant touch and amp up your interiors with Pure Home + Living (PHL) ‘s collection of home textiles. Crafted in premium-quality materials, we bring to you an exquisite range of home textile that feature decorative pillow covers, designer cushion covers, pillow shams, placemats, throws and more. With alluring prints and careful embroidery, that showcase skilled craftsmanship, these cushion covers come with a promise of perfection. India’s leading brand for home decor and accessories, at Pure Home + Living (PHL) you will be able to choose from a vast range of color for home decor, bathroom accessories, organizing essentials, barware, dinnerware, drinkware and lots more. Known for contemporary and chic style with impeccable quality, we bring to you pieces to transform your home to make every day special.

Shop home textiles from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Pure Home + Living (PHL) brings to you pillow shams and cushions, table linen, table napkins, designer cushion covers and throws for your space. Be it to make your living area look more inviting, to make your dinner table more elegant or to make your favorite nook more cozy, at Pure Home + Living (PHL) you will find home textiles for every space and mood. To create a welcoming ambience for your guests, choose the correct home textiles which combine comfort and style. Adding a pop of color to your space, Pure Home + Living is committed to infusing warmth and personality. Start a journey towards premium-quality home textiles, designer cushion covers, quilts and more to elevate your home decor. Indulge in unique style and breathe life into your home with Pure Home + Living (PHL) colorful, chic and very elegant, Pure Home + Living (PHL) ‘s collection of home textiles is all you need to infuse warmth and personality into your space. With premium quality materials, our selection of pillow shams and cushions, table linens, table napkins, designer cushion covers and throws will breathe a new life into your home.

Essential home textiles for your home from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Elevate your home with Pure Home + Living’s (PHL) collection of colorful throws,cushion inserts, table napkins and more. Whether it’s a hosting gig for friends or just to create a tranquil nook at home, Pure Home + Living’s selection will sort you out for every occasion. Add color, elegance and style with premium home textiles from Pure Home + Living.

Add a touch of cozy to your room with Pillow Shams and Cushions

Choose from over 100+ designer cushion covers available in nearly 15 colorways. Cushion covers from Pure Home + Living liven up your couches. Crafted with carefully embroidered designs, zari designs to complement your contemporary and chic aesthetics, they also feature sequin work,patch work, velvet-viscose blend and lace designs, to make them definite conversation starters.

Cushion Covers - Cushion covers are essential when it comes to doing up your home. Functional and aesthetic, they provide style and a dash of sophistication. They serve as a protective layer for cushions, keeping the filling clean and free from dust and stains while contributing significantly to the overall mood of a space. They come in a variety of color, patterns, textures, and materials, allowing for endless design possibilities. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color, a touch of elegance, or a hint of pattern to your room, there's a cushion cover for that.

Cushion Inserts - Cushion inserts as the name suggests, are cushion pads or pillow forms used to stuff your cushions to give them shape and support. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all your design needs.

Pillow Shams – Pillow shams are decorative covers for pillows to lend them an aesthetic appeal. Similar to pillowcases, they will act as a protective layer and are perfect to add style to your bedroom. While pillowcases feature prints and details that make them stand out, pillow shams are usually neutral and plain as they are used to sleep on and are thus super-soft and comfortable. Host in style with table linens Enhance your culinary creations with home textiles for your dining room. MOP and PVC placemats are unique and effortlessly add luxury, making them the perfect element for your table settings this season. Pure Home + Living offers a wide assortment of table napkins and napkin rings to complete your dining experience. With their luxurious looks, these home textiles complete your look lending a chic yet practical update to your space.

Placemats -Experience the art of dining and setting the perfect tablescape with our set of classic placemats. The perfect touch to elevate casual lunches and formal dinners, these elegant tabletop accessories are easy to use and maintain. Featuring timeless prints and embroidered details, these placemats will complement any dining setting effortlessly.

Napkin rings - Secure your cloth napkins in place with our collection of napkin rings. Adding a functional unit, these will give an opportunity to lend a decorative element to the table.

Elevate your home with throws

Create a cozy nook with throws from Pure Home + Living (PHL) and sip on aromatic coffee and indulge in a day of self-care. Complement your couches to transform your house into a sanctuary of relaxation and sophistication.

Tips to keep in mind while picking home textiles

When it comes to choosing home textiles, it is essential to keep a few things in mind like your personal style, and comfort to list a few.

Here are some styling tips to keep in mind while picking home textiles:

* Keep the room in mind – Different rooms have different functions, so it is essential to opt for home textiles that match that purpose. For example, a bedroom should have super-soft cushion covers and pillow shams, while a living room where you host your guests should have standout pieces that will lend style to your space and leave an impression.

* Keep the color in mind – Make sure your textile color complement your existing color in the room. You can either opt for a monotone color scheme or mix and match to pair complementary color. You can also opt for neutral tones and add pops of color with accessories like cushion covers and throws.

* Texture Variety – Mix and match different varieties of textures to add visual interest and depth to your space. You can pair smooth silk curtains with a rough jute rug, or a soft velvet sofa with crisp linen pillows.

* Pattern Play – Opt for patterns that complement each other. For example, if you’re picking florals for your cushion covers, you can pair them with rugs and curtains in solid color.

* Seasonal Fabrics and color – Different color remind you of different seasons, like summer is all about pastels and vibrant tones whereas fall is all about jewel tones. Opt for cotton rugs and cushion covers in pleasing pinks and blues to make your home look cool and serene. You can switch it up with velvet cushions for the winter season.

* Personal Style – Your home should reflect your personal style. Whether you're minimalist, boho, classic or contemporary, make sure the textiles you choose align with your aesthetic preferences.


Why are home textiles important in interior design?

Home textiles are the building block of your home. Accessories like designer cushion covers, table napkins, and throws don’t just add aesthetics to your home but also create a welcoming ambience for you and your guests. Pure Home + Living (PHL) has a wide assortment of home textiles with nearly 200 options to choose from.

How can I incorporate color and patterns into home textiles?

Adding color to your space livens up the overall vibe of your home. Pure Home + Living offers a vast range of color and patterns for cushion covers, table napkins and more, for you to choose from.

How do I care for and maintain home textiles?

Home textiles need to be handled with care. Hand wash them with a mild, non-abrasive detergent, or just dry clean them. Pure Home + Living mentions the care instructions and it is best to follow them to ensure a longer life for the product.


Product Name Price
Pink and Orange Ombre Square Velvet Cushion Cover ₹ 1,499
Pink and Orange Abstract Embroidered Square Cushion Cover ₹ 1,499
Pink and Orange Ombre Embroidered Rectangle Velvet Cushion Cover ₹ 1,399
Ivory and Orange Patch Velvet Square Cushion Cover ₹ 1,499
Orange Vine Embroidered Sqaure Cushion Cover ₹ 1,249
Orange Embroidered Rectangle Cushion Cover ₹ 1,399
Pink Floral Digital Print Velvet Square Cushion Cover ₹ 899