Serve your favourite wine in style with decanters from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

When it comes to serving wines, it isn’t just the glass that holds importance but also the vessel that is used to pour it. Decanters as they are commonly known, help you serve your favourite wine in style. Be it an evening of wine and dine with close friends or a family get-together, these decanters make serving more stylish and elegant.

Gone are the days when wine was poured directly from the bottle. Nowadays, having exquisite decanters for every type of wine is sure to elevate the ambience of their space. Decanters not only lend sophistication to your bar accessories but also reflect a person’s taste and personality too. Thus, having exquisitely crafted wine decanters becomes significant. Pour wine from them and make your bar display even more enchanting.

At Pure Home + Living (PHL) you will find a wide variety of decanters for every wine of your choice. They are crafted in exquisite shapes and sizes, making them nothing less than a work of art. Elegant and functional, these utilitarian pieces play a pivotal role in the art of wine appreciation.

What are the uses of decanters?

While decanters can be considered sophisticated bar essentials, they also serve functional purposes, besides being vessels to pour your favourite wine. They are more than just vessels for holding liquids. They play an essential role in the world of wine and spirits, enhancing the flavors, aromas, and overall drinking experience. Whether you're a casual drinker or a connoisseur, understanding the purpose and function of decanters can help elevate your appreciation of your favorite beverages.

Aeration - The primary purpose of a decanter is to aerate wine, allowing it to breathe. When wine comes into contact with air, it undergoes an oxidation process. This helps in softening flavours and releasing aromas that enhance the wine-drinking experience. Especially with younger wines, which can be tighter and more closed-off, decanting can make a notable difference.

How to choose the right decanter online from Pure Home + Living (PHL)?

Decanters, with their blend of function and artistry, remain an integral part of the beverage experience. Whether you're a seasoned drinker or someone who simply enjoys the occasional glass of wine, the ritual of decanting adds a touch of magic to every pour. When investing in a decanter, here are a few things you need to consider:

It’s material - Crystal is known to be the best when it comes to decanters. They provide clarity and brilliance without health risks.

It’s size & shape - Consider your regular wine consumption. If you typically enjoy young red wines, a standard, wide-bodied decanter will suffice. If you're into vintage wines, consider one with a design that aids in sediment separation..

It’s Maintenance - Decanters need regular cleaning to avoid residue buildup. Ensure that your choice is easy to clean, either by hand or with specialized brushes.

Types of decanters available online at Pure Home + Living (PHL)

At Pure Home + Living (PHL) you will find decanters online that will serve all your wines and spirits.

Whiskey Decanter - Whiskey decanters are often crafted from glass or crystal. They traditionally have a square or rectangular body, but there are various shapes available. Unlike wine decanters that are open at the top to promote aeration, whiskey decanters typically come with a tight-sealing stopper or lid. This ensures that the spirit's aromatic compounds are preserved, and external contaminants are kept out.

Standard wine decanter - The standard wine decanter is ideal for both wine experts and amateur wine lovers. It comes in a classic shape with a circular wide base and a tall spout. Some decanters have an angled spout for easy pouring.

U-shaped wine decanter - This wine decanter has an opening in the middle, giving it a snail-shaped look. The decanter has a wide base and the design allows for a good grip when pouring wine. .

Why should you shop for decanters online from Pure Home + Living (PHL)?

The intricacies of each drink are accentuated when served in the vessel. Using the correct decanter isn't just about aesthetics; it's about enhancing the drink's aroma, taste, and overall experience.

Here's why having specific decanters is essential:

  • It helps enhance the flavour and the aromas of the drink. It enhances the drinking experience and amplifies its taste.
  • They lend an aesthetic appeal. Choosing the appropriate decanter can enhance a drink's aesthetic allure and enrich the overall drinking experience, lending an air of authenticity and sophistication.
  • Using the correct decanter ensures that it can be poured in the correct way. For example, a wine decanter promotes aeration while whiskey decanters typically come with a tight-sealing stopper or lid.

Pure Home + Living’s collection of decanters online features unmatched quality, cut, and precision. Artistically crafted, these decanters online are crafted in shapes and sizes to transform an ordinary wine into a celebratory drink.

How to clean a decanter effectively?

A decanter is more than just a storage container; it's an expression of appreciation for the spirit. It adds a touch of elegance to the drinking experience, making it a popular choice for drinking enthusiasts.

As much as using a decanter enhances your experience, not cleaning one can also adversely affect your experience. Not thoroughly cleaning a decanter can influence the taste of the next bottle you decant.

The easiest way to clean it is with your hands. Since it is made of glass or crystal, it needs to be handled with care. Thus it is best to clean it with room-temperature water and a soft cloth. Do not use any abrasive household cleaners. You can also opt for mild soap water if there is any residue.


What types of decanters are best for wine and whiskey?

For whiskey, a decanter with a square or rectangular body is the best. They also need a tight-sealing stopper or lid to ensure that the spirit's aromatic compounds are preserved, and external contaminants are kept out. For wine on the other hand, a decanter with a classic shape, a circular wide base and a tall spout is preferred.

How can we use decanters to enhance your drinking experience?

Beyond functionality, whiskey decanters are also about presentation and style. A beautiful decanter can elevate the experience of pouring and sipping wine and whiskey, turning it into a ritual. It serves as a centerpiece in a bar setting, showcasing the spirit's rich colour and inviting aesthetic appeal.

Where can you buy decanters?

From wine decanters to whiskey decanters, these are more than just storage containers; they are an expression of appreciation for the spirit. They add a touch of elegance to the whiskey-drinking experience, making them a popular choice for enthusiasts and a frequent gift item for special occasions. You can find whiskey and wine decanters of your choice online at Pure Home + Living (PHL).

Product Name Price
Light Green Ombre Glass Decanter ₹ 1,499
Light Pink Ombre Glass Decanter ₹ 1,499
Light Blue Ombre Glass Decanter ₹ 1,499
Clear Dover Glass Decanter ₹ 4,999
Clear Wellington Glass Decanter ₹ 4,999
Transparent Handcrafted Safari Glass Decanter ₹ 4,999
Crystal Clear Slanting Wine Decanter ₹ 779