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A staple in households across the world, a vase is more than just a container for blooms. This seemingly simple object has a rich history and a myriad of contemporary uses that elevate it into a piece of art. Modern flower vases have evolved to become statement pieces in interior decor. The variety of materials, shapes, and sizes available means there's a flower vase for every style. Glass vases can provide a minimalist, clean look, while ornate ceramic vases become conversation starters. The vase, in its simplicity, is a testament to timeless design. Whether holding a bouquet or standing on its own, its versatility and elegance ensure it remains an enduring fixture in our homes.

At Pure Home + Living you will find a large selection of vases online to elevate your space. Flower vases bring a dash of colour and freshness to your home decor. Crafted in classic, seasonal colours and accentuated with striking details and prints, these vases online are designed to transform your home. Moulded beautifully into unique shapes, these luxury flower vases feature exceptional quality, craftsmanship and functionality. Both fresh and artificial stems , look fantastic in these flower vases. To brighten the tone of your home, choose flowers like lily peach stems, yellow peony stems, and dahlia ivory stems. Add ease to online vases shopping by visiting the Pure Home + Living website.

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Choose from PHL’s extensive range of vases online from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Whether you're an art enthusiast, a homeowner looking to spruce up your interiors, or just someone who appreciates beauty, Pure Home + Living flower vase for living room offers something for everyone. Buy vases online from www.purehomeandliving. From classic neutrals like beige, black, and grey that are sure to complement any interior, to poppy vibrant shades like orange, pink and blue, at Pure Home + Living you will find flower vases in a myriad of colours.

More than just vessels for flowers, glass vases and ceramic vases today have transformed into statement pieces for interior design, and with the right vase, even a simple corner of a room can be transformed into an aesthetic focal point. Topped with hand-painted details, carved edges,, glazed and engraved details, each technique imparts a unique character to the glass vase and ceramic vase.

Flower vases bring a touch of sophistication and luxury to any space, elevating its overall aesthetic with its timeless appeal. Whether it's adorning your mantel in your living room or your side table or a chic faux leather magazine holder, these flower vases exude elegance and style. These modern ceramic vase and glass vase are versatile allowing them to seamlessly blend into various decor themes and adding a touch of luxury to the ambience.

Why shop vases online from Pure Home + Living?

Pure Home + Living prides itself on its expertly curated collection of vases online. Each fower vase is not just a decorative item but a piece of art that has been selected keeping contemporary home design trends in mind. Stylish and of exceptional quality, these flower vases stand tall as a testament to timeless beauty and charm. When you purchase from Pure Home + Living online, you are investing in quality. Their flower vases are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and are made from durable materials designed to stand the test of time.

Beyond the products themselves, the shopping experience at Pure Home + Living is unparalleled. Pure Home + Living’s website offers 360 degrees product view, 3D view with a detailed description of the product to make it easy for you to choose and shop vases online. Ranging from glass vases to ceramic vases, at Pure Home + Living you will get pieces to elevate your home instantly.

Types of vases available online at Pure Home + Living?

Pure Home + Living offers a diverse collection of vases that cater to various aesthetic and functional needs. Here are some of the different types of vases available online at Pure Home + Living:

Ceramic Vases -A nod to timeless elegance, ceramic vases at Pure Home + Living are a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Their ceramic vase online collection offers sleek, glazed exteriors that will lend a luxurious touch to your home. Whether you desire a solid-coloured vase or a printed one, there's something to suit every taste. The attention to detail in each piece tells a tale of craftsmanship, making these vases not just containers but art pieces in themselves.

Due to their sturdy nature, ceramic vases are perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays. They can stand alone as statement pieces or be paired with fresh or dried flowers.

Glass Vases - The sheer beauty and versatility of glass make it a favourite among modern decorators. Pure Home + Living's glass vase online collection encapsulates this charm perfectly. From clear, minimalist designs to intricately coloured art pieces, the choices are endless. Frosted glass flowers vases provide a misty, ethereal touch, while transparent ones showcase the beauty of stems and water, adding another layer of aesthetics.

Glass vases, especially the coloured or art glass variants, play beautifully with light. Place them near a window or under artificial lighting, and watch them transform the ambiance of the room.

Printed Flowers Vases - For those who wish to break the monotony and infuse some patterned charm into their spaces, the printed vases at Pure Home + Living are a dream come true. From subtle floral motifs that evoke springtime memories to bold geometric patterns that resonate with a modern vibe, there's a print for every mood. These vases often become conversation starters, thanks to their unique designs. Whether placed on a coffee table, mantle, or bookshelf, they're bound to draw attention.

How to style vases from Pure Home + Living (PHL) ?

A vase full of beautiful flowers can certainly enhance the ambience and add colour to the room. Let's look at some wonderful spaces that your can decorate with vases.

Dining Room

Vases are usually placed on tabletops and decorated with faux flowers. Pure Home + Living's small to medium-sized vases can be used to brighten up your space. Fill a glass or ceramic vase with flowers and place it on your tabletop. Arranging two or three glass flower vases on long dining tables will give your table a tidy and intriguing look.


Adding artificial flowersartificial flowers to glass vases in your foyer can be a terrific way to make it more inviting. Your doorway is the first thing visitors see when they enter your home. To establish a memorable first impression, it is necessary to equip it with gorgeous home decor pieces. A wide range of shapes would be stunning. Vases arranged at a distance can be used to create a lovely corridor. You might also add some stunning photo frames.

Living Room

Choosing the perfect flower vase can transform your living space. Match it to your decor, whether classic or modern. A tall vase adds drama, while smaller vases create a charming focal point on your coffee table. A well-chosen flower vase for living room can be a conversation starter and elevate your living room's ambiance. Explore Pure Home + Living's collection for the perfect addition to your living room decor


Adding a crystal vase to your wonderful bedroom can elevate its elegance. Place them near your bed on a side table or coffee table, and decorate them with gorgeous flowers. While flowers remain a popular companion for vases, today's homeowners and designers are thinking outside the box:

Terrariums - Clear glass vases can house mini ecosystems of succulents, moss, and small rocks, creating a beautiful, low-maintenance indoor garden.

Storage -Vases can double up as storage containers for items like makeup brushes, art supplies, or even kitchen utensils.

Lighting - With a little DIY, vases can be converted into elegant lampshades or candle holders, offering soft, diffused lighting to any space.

Decorative Displays - Filled with decorative stones, or even holiday-specific items baubles , vases can morph to suit any decorative need.


Which vases are best suited for side tables?

The best vases for any space are the ones that complement the room's decor, don't overwhelm the table's size, and are functional for the intended purpose like holding fresh flowers or merely acting as a decorative item. You can opt for glass and ceramic vases. The solid ones feature ribbed texture to lend an element of style whereas the ceramic ones can be solid or printed depending on your choice.

Which flowers are best suited for vases?

When it comes to pairing flowers with vases, the best ones need to have sturdy stems and a longer vase life. You can opt for fresh flowers or faux flowers that will last a lifetime. Choose from Pure Home + Living's selection of timeless faux flowers that mirror their real-life counterparts with immaculate attention to detail. Crafted from fabric, these are easy to care for and are available in a wide variety for you to choose from.

Why are vases more suited than other showpieces?

While decoratives lend style to any space, vases add an elegant and functional element. They could be used individually or paired with faux flowers, votives and more to piece together a standout corner. Their diverse shapes, materials, and sizes allow for versatile styling. Additionally, they can be easily updated with different floral arrangements to refresh room decor.

What materials are vases made from?

Vases are crafted from a variety of materials including ceramic, glass, porcelain, and metal. Some are made from natural stones like marble or more modern materials like concrete and resin. The choice of material often dictates the vase's aesthetic, weight, and durability. At Pure Home + Living, you will find a wide variety of vases in ceramic and glass. Topped with season's most loved colours, these aesthetically pleasing and functional pieces are a must-have in your space.

Can I gift vases to friends and family?

Vases make for the perfect gifts, be it a housewarming party or an anniversary celebration. Thoughtful and versatile, these functional pieces can be used a decoratives to hold beautiful floral arrangements, or symbolize wishes for prosperity and growth. You can opt for glass and ceramic vases in various shapes and sizes.

How do I clean and maintain my vases?

To clean and maintain your vases, start by emptying them. You can dust them with a dry cloth with your hand to maintain their colour and print. For stubborn residues, you can opt for a micro fiber cloth and spot clean with soap water. Try cleaning them regularly to prevent residue buildup and prolong the vase's beauty.

Are the vases suitable for both real and artificial flowers?

The vases available at Pure Home + Living are versatile and can accommodate both real and artificial flowers. When using real flowers, ensure the vase is watertight and clean to prolong the flowers' freshness. For artificial flowers, any vase works well, even those not designed to hold water. The key is to choose a vase that complements the size, style, and color of the chosen blooms, be they real or faux.

Product Name Price
Brown Ribbed Round Glass Vase - Large ₹ 1,099
Brown Ribbed Round Glass Vase - Small ₹ 849
Pink Ribbed Round Glass Vase - Large ₹ 1,099
Pink Ribbed Round Glass Vase - Small ₹ 849
Green Ribbed Round Glass Vase - Large ₹ 1,099
Green Ribbed Round Glass Vase - Small ₹ 849
Green Diamond Cut Glass Vase - Large ₹ 1,399