Whiskey Glasses

Raise a toast to exquisitely crafted whiskey glasses from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Serve in style with Pure Home + Living’s collection of whiskey glasses. Designed short and wide, with a sturdy base and straight sides, these have the perfect hold for you to enjoy your favourite drink. Often used for serving whiskey on the rocks and whiskey-based cocktails, these will add a sophisticated touch to your glassware collection.

At Pure Home + Living online you will find whiskey glasses in a variety of shapes and sizes to serve different drinks on the rocks or as cocktails. A great conversation starter, these glasses are a true reflection of a persona’s elegant style and personal taste. Besides looking great, the right whiskey glass is also crucial to truly savor the intricate flavors and aromas of whiskey. Whether you're sipping a rich Scotch or a mellow bourbon, the right whiskey glass can amplify the aromas, flavors, and visual appeal of your drink. The choice of whiskey glass is more than just a matter of vibe and aesthetics; it significantly affects your overall enjoyment of your drink.

Here's why selecting the right whiskey glass is crucial:)

i) Enhances aromas - The shape of the glass can significantly impact the concentration and delivery of the whiskey's aromas, allowing you to fully appreciate its bouquet.

ii) Amplifies its taste - Different whiskey glasses are designed to highlight the whiskey's unique flavours and complexities, intensifying the tasting experience.

iii) Balance and presentation - The right glass can make the whiskey more balanced and visually appealing, enhancing the overall experience.

Here are the types of whiskey glasses available at Pure Home + Living online:

1. Diamond Cut Whiskey Glasses - At Pure Home + Living you will find a wide selection of whiskey glasses that feature a diamond cut detail. A true testament to craftsmanship, these glasses feature intricate, diamond-like patterns etched into the glass that catch and refract light with brilliance. The intricate cuts in the glass add a timeless and luxurious touch, making diamond-cut whiskey glasses a great choice for both personal enjoyment and as an impressive gift.

2. Textured Whiskey Glasses - Pure Home + Living’s collection of textured whiskey glasses are a perfect blend of aesthetics and function. They not only highlight the beauty of your whiskey but also fit comfortably in your hand. The variety of textures available, from subtle ridges to intricate patterns, allows you to choose a glass that matches your style and the mood you want to set for your whiskey moments.

Shop whiskey glasses online from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Pure Home + Living’s collection of whiskey glasses features unmatched quality, cut, and precision. Artistically crafted glasses, the collection is adorned with intricate details and textures to transform an ordinary drink into a celebratory experience. The PHL features an in-depth description and size details to make shopping online easier for you.

Enhance your home bar with whiskey glasses from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Elevating your home bar with the right whiskey glasses not only elevates the drinking experience but also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the space. Perfect to enjoy whiskey and whiskey-based cocktails, these glasses contribute to the aesthetics of the bar, the presentation of the drink, and the overall drinking experience. Mix them with bar accessories that complement the set-up, glass decanters, silver or gold wine chillers, trays and more, to add to the aesthetic.

Bar glasses from Pure Home + Living (PHL) make for the perfect gift for any occasion

Timeless, elegant and very chic, PHL’s collection of whiskey glasses makes for the perfect gift be it a housewarming or an anniversary celebration. Lending a touch of luxury to your collection, these whiskey glasses are a must-have in your collection. With exceptional quality craftsmanship, these whiskey glasses with their beautiful packaging, exceptional details and versatile shades, are universally appealing and fit almost any occasion.


What is the best brand for whiskey glasses?

The perfect whiskey glass effortlessly enhances the taste of the drink and elevates the drinking experience. If you also want to make your party time special, Pure Home + Living online can be the perfect shopping site for you.

How do you display whiskey glasses?

Displaying whiskey glasses not only makes them easily accessible but can also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bar or kitchen area. You can place them on an open shelf. You can even display them in a bar cart or place them in a stylish tray on your countertop or bar top.

How do I properly clean and maintain whiskey glasses?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of whiskey glasses ensure not only the longevity of the glassware but also the quality of the drinks served in them. Always rinse glasses immediately after use. Use water and a mild detergent, as hot water can cause glasses to crack. Use a soft brush or sponge to gently scrub inside and out. Avoid abrasive scrubbers which can scratch the glass. Not all glasses are dishwasher safe thus they need to be hand washed. Air-dry glasses by placing them upside down on a clean towel or drying rack.

Do whiskey glasses make for great gifts?

Pure Home + Living’s collection of whiskey glasses is perfect to gift your loved ones. You will find a huge range of diamond-cut and textured whiskey glasses to lend colour and style to your collection.