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When it comes to expressing your love, appreciation and gratitude, gifts are the way to go. Especially for the man in your life, choosing a gift for him can be both exciting and challenging. Whether you're searching for a unique birthday surprise for him, an anniversary token of love, or a thoughtful Christmas present for him, at Pure Home + Living (PHL) you will find gifts for him, for every occasion and vibe, for every budget and liking.

Carefully chosen as a token of love and affection, these gifts for him from Pure Home + Living (PHL) go beyond mere gestures, encapsulating the essence of the recipient's individuality, passions, and desires. From keepsake photo frames that weave memories into tangible treasures to elegant bars and drinkware that help craft excellent cocktails and moments, Pure Home + Living‘s collection transforms moments into unforgettable experiences. From valentines gifts for him and birthday gifts for him to anniversary gifts for him and wedding gifts for him, PHL is where you can find the best gifts for him.

At Pure Home + Living (PHL) you will find unique gifts for him under every budget. Whether it is a leather/metal photo frame that captures cherished memories, or glasses, barware, and dinnerware that elevate the joy of dining and entertaining, all these gifts for him from PHL will help you indulge in the #PUREjoy of gifting and make someone’s day extra special.

Explore the vast range of Gifts for Him from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Embrace the spirit of gifting with Pure Home + Living’s collection of unique gifts for him. Thoughtful and budget-friendly, these gifts for him are sure to light up your loved one's heart and home. From barware and glasses to bar accessories and faux leather pieces, and more, at Pure Home + Living you will find gifts for him for every occasion, and under every budget.

Find the best gifts for him under every budget at Pure Home + Living (PHL)

Here are some of the gifts that you can pick for him from Pure Home + Living:

1. Barware as a gift for him 

Elevate your special man's spirits on special occasions with the gift of refined barware from Pure Home + Living (PHL). Barware adds a touch of sophistication to the celebratory moments making it the perfect gift for him. From sleek cocktail shakers and bar trays, to bar tool sets, these accessories will transform his home into a stylish cocktail space. These accessories will be perfect as an anniversary gift for him, as a birthday gift for him and even as a Christmas gift for him. A set of high-quality bar tools adds a touch of flair to mixology, creating a personalized experience.

Wine glasses

Whether you're a connoisseur or simply enjoy an occasional glass, investing in the right wine glasses ensures that you fully immerse yourself in the world of wine and indulge in its delightful complexities. Wine glasses elevate the tasting experience, allowing you to savour every nuance of the wine's composition and taste.

Whiskey glasses

Whiskey glasses are the perfect companions for savouring the rich flavours of whiskey. With a sturdy and wide design, they allow ample room for the whiskey's aroma to develop, enhancing the overall tasting experience. Their timeless and elegant appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any whiskey enthusiast's collection, making them a must-have accessory for those who appreciate the art of whiskey appreciation.

Bar Tools and Accessories

Hosting your near and dear ones for a sunny brunch or for a night of drinks and dinners with Pure Home + Living’s (PHL) collection of bar accessories like mixing spoons, jiggers, Hawthorne strainers, cocktail shakers and ice buckets. With a well-stocked bar and the best of bar and drinkware, you can level up your cocktail game, and host some unmissable events in style.

These barware gifts for him reflect both style and functionality, offering a thoughtful and lasting reminder of your shared moments. Celebrate with a present that turns every sip into a memorable experience. These accessories will elevate the art of entertaining, whilst creating lasting memories.

2. Drinkware as a gift for him 

Surprise the man in your life with the timeless and practical gift of exquisite drinkware from Pure Home + Living (PHL). It makes for the perfect birthday gift for him, a Christmas gift for him, or even as a birthday gift for him. For his birthday, choose a set of handcrafted whiskey glasses or drinking glasses for his favorite beverages. Celebrate anniversaries with elegant champagne flutes or stemless wine glasses, making a toast to the years of love and companionship ahead. At weddings, consider a complete crystal glassware set or custom-engraved toasting glasses, creating cherished moments during the ceremonial clink. Whether it's a sleek drinking glass or a set of artisanal cocktail glasses for special occasions, premium drinkware not only enhances his drinking experience but also serves as a lasting reminder of your thoughtful gesture.

Highball glasses

Elevate his drinking experience with the perfect gift – a set of sophisticated Highball glasses. Crafted for both style and durability, these glasses are ideal for sipping his favorite whiskey or cocktails. Give the gift of refined taste, making every toast a moment to remember.

Wine glasses

Raise the bar of his wine-tasting experience with an exquisite set of wine glasses – a thoughtful and refined gift. These elegantly crafted glasses are designed to enhance the aromas and flavors of his favorite wines. Gift him the pleasure of savoring each sip in style, as he unwinds and enjoys the finer things in life.

Martini glasses

Add a touch of sophistication to his cocktail moments with a set of classic martini glasses – a perfect gift for the discerning gentleman. These sleek and stylish glasses elevate the art of cocktail crafting, providing the perfect vessel for his favorite shaken or stirred concoctions. Give the gift of refined taste and turn his home bar into a chic cocktail lounge.

Drinkware gifts not only serve a practical purpose but also become cherished vessels for creating memories. Every sip becomes a celebration, making the occasion even more special. Perfect for people who love to host, these whiskey, wine, highball and martini glasses make for exquisite pieces to own, cherish, and gift for every season. With each sip, he'll be reminded of the love and warmth that accompany these carefully chosen gifts, making every occasion more memorable. Cheers to the man you cherish and the shared moments you'll toast to for a lifetime.

3. Leather storage and home accessories as a gift for him

Celebrate the special man in your life with the gift of luxurious leather storage and home accessories from Pure Home + Living (PHL). Lending a touch of sophistication to his office/ living space, these leather pieces make for the perfect birthday gift for him, anniversary gift for him, Christmas gift for him or even a Valentine’s Day gift for him.

Leather trays

For his birthday, consider a stylish leather valet tray or an organizer to keep his essentials in order, blending functionality with elegance.

Storage boxes

Mark anniversaries with a personalized leather storage box, creating a timeless keepsake for cherished memories and sentimental items.

Photo Frames

Weddings can be commemorated with matching photo frames that will make for keepsake memories.

From sleek magazine holders to intricately crafted desk accessories, leather gifts add a sense of refinement and organization to his daily life. Each piece not only exudes quality but also showcases your thoughtful consideration for his lifestyle, making these gifts perfect for any occasion and a lasting expression of your love and appreciation.

4. Photo frames as a gift for him

Capture and celebrate cherished moments with the timeless elegance of photo frames from Pure Home + Living (PHL). The perfect gift for him, this metal and faux leather photo frame makes for the perfect birthday gift for him, anniversary gift for him, Christmas gift for him or even a Valentine’s Day gift for him.

Commemorate his birthday with a personalized photo frame, showcasing a cherished memory or a collection of moments that define your relationship. For anniversaries, consider a beautifully engraved metal frame, symbolizing the enduring love that has grown with each passing year. At weddings, gift him an exquisite frame to hold a snapshot from the magical day, creating a lasting keepsake of the joyous occasion. From sleek modern leather designs to classic gold and silver frames, there's a style to match every taste and home decor. Each frame becomes a visual narrative of your shared experiences, making it a thoughtful and sentimental gift that resonates beyond the moment of unwrapping. As he displays these tokens of love, the photo frames will add warmth and nostalgia to his living space, a constant reminder of the beautiful journey you've embarked on together.


What are some popular gift ideas for him?

Explore the world of thoughtful gift-giving with Pure Home + Living (PHL). For the special men in your life, opt for faux leather accessories that will spruce up their work desk, photo frames to reminisce special moments, barware for raising a toast to every occasion. Elevate your gift game with special gifts, ensuring that each gesture reflects your appreciation and creates lasting memories.

What are some good birthday gift ideas for him?

Surprise him on his birthday with thoughtful gifts that reflect his passions – consider leather accessories for a touch of sophistication or bar accessories for the modern mixologist. Tailored experiences like a weekend getaway or a gourmet cooking class add a memorable touch to the celebration. Whatever his interests, selecting a gift that resonates with his personality ensures a birthday filled with joy and appreciation.

How can I choose a meaningful gift for him?

Choosing a meaningful gift for him involves tapping into his interests and creating a personal connection. Consider his hobbies, preferences, or a shared experience to find something uniquely tailored to him. Whether it's a personalized item, an experience he'll cherish, or something reflecting your shared memories, thoughtful gestures make for the most meaningful gifts.

What types of photo frames make good gifts for him?

When it comes to choosing a photo frame, you can opt for metal and faux leather photos from Pure Home + Living (PHL). They feature elegant details and unmissable finish, to lend a dash of luxury and sophistication to your cherished memories.

What should I consider when choosing bar glasses as a gift for him?

Selecting the perfect bar glasses for him involves considering his drink preferences and personal style. Whether he's a whiskey connoisseur or a cocktail enthusiast, choose glasses that complement his favorite beverages. Opt for high-quality materials, sleek designs, and perhaps personalized touches to elevate his drinking experience and make the gift truly special.