Drinking Glasses

Sip in style with Pure Home + Living’s (PHL) collection of elegant drinking glasses

When enjoying your favourite beverage, the right piece of drinking glass never fails to enhance the taste. Be it your friend’s bachelor party or a family function, the most elegant drinkware makes every occasion more memorable.

Gone are the days when drinking glasses were merely utilitarian pieces. Nowadays, people are not only using them to serve guests but to elevate the ambience of their space. Drinking glasses come in handy to elevate the ambience of your home and reflect a person’s taste and personality too. Thus, having a set of glasses adorned with fascinating patterns and designs becomes significant.

When it comes to the world of drinking glasses, there's an astounding variety. The design, size, and shape of each type of glass are tailored for specific drinks, enhancing both their flavour and aesthetic appeal. The aesthetics of a drinking glass can dramatically influence our drinking experience.

Want to fill your space with elegance and sophistication or add a dash of minimalism to your dining area with fascinating drinking glasses? Pure Home + Living has got your back. The brand houses an extensive range of drinking glasses made of the finest materials. In addition, you will also find a wide array of products adorned with your favourite hue


Why should you shop for drinking glasses online from Pure Home + Living (PHL)?

The intricacies of each drink are accentuated when served in the right drinking glass. Using the correct glass isn't just about aesthetics; it's about enhancing the drink's aroma, taste, and overall drinking experience.

Here's why having specific drinking glasses is essential:

  • It helps enhance the flavour and the aromas of the drink. The design, colour, and dimensions of a drinking glass play a major role in enhancing the drinking experience and in amplifying its taste.

  • They are crucial for aesthetic appeal. Choosing the appropriate glass can enhance a drink's aesthetic allure and enrich the overall drinking experience, lending an air of authenticity and sophistication.

  • It helps in portioning the drink. To serve the standard serving size of a beverage, you need a drinking glass of the standard size to make sure it isn't too strong or too diluted.

  • Using the correct glass ensures that it can handle the drink it contains. For example, hot beverages require glasses that can withstand heat without cracking.

Pure Home + Living’s collection of drinking glasses online features unmatched quality, cut, and precision. Artistically crafted, these tumblers and drinking glasses online are adorned with festive hues and prints to transform an ordinary drink into a celebratory experience.

Explore Pure Home + Living’s (PHL) collection of online drinking glasses

When it comes to your drinking glasses online, the PHL has a host of choices for you to choose from. From drinking glasses in classic hues to poppy seasonal shades, with prints and details that work for everyday use and special events, PHL has something for everyone.

1. Printed drinking glasses - Printed drinking glasses, as the name suggests are glasses topped with elegant prints. Featuring unique motifs and 24 karat gold rim detail, these lend character to beverages and elevate the drinking experience. Their visual appeal often becomes a conversation starter, merging art with utility.

2. Solid-coloured drinking glasses - Offering a modern and chic twist to traditional glassware, these solid-coloured drinking glasses help accentuate the table setting and lend it a dash of elegance and colour. Whether in muted tones or vibrant shades, these glasses make a statement in any gathering.

3. Hammered drinking glasses - With a distinctive texture and etching details, these hammered drinking glasses lend an artistic touch to the table with their ability to catch and reflect light. Durable and aesthetically appealing, they will match both modern and traditional decor. The hammered effect combines both form and function, creating a captivating drinking experience.

4.Textured drinking glasses - With textured details and standout shades, these drinking glasses will elevate the visual aspects of drinkware. Offering a unique aesthetic, these glasses merge practicality with design, often becoming focal points in table settings. Whether subtle or pronounced, their texture offers an enriched sensory experience during each sip.

Elevate the ambience of your home with drinking glasses

Apart from letting you sip in style, a fascinating range of drinking glasses adds a touch of opulence to the space. It also takes the interiors to the next level. Here is a look at some of the finest ways to amp up your home interiors.

  • Add a dash of sophistication to your dining table

    Impressing your guests and friends becomes a breeze with elegant tumbler glass. It will reflect your personality and help you serve in style. Pure Home + Living houses a beautiful drinking glass collection that exudes sophistication. So, be a great host and let your guests enjoy every moment.
  • Lend a dramatic touch to your kitchen cabinets

    People often overlook the significance of adorning kitchen cabinets. These are those areas in our homes that beg for decor, and what can be better than sumptuous drinking glasses. Place them along with your wine or whiskey glasses collection to create a unique look. Furthermore, exquisite patterns and stunning hues will add vibrancy to the space.
  • Add grace to your coffee table

    Drinking glasses adorned with pleasant hues are considered perfect for adorning coffee tables. Colourful glasses complement your other home decor items, such as decorative vases, stems, candle holders, and more. Whether you are enjoying a hot beverage on a Sunday morning or having a fun conversation with your family, these glasses will elevate everyone’s mood.
  • FAQ’s

    What type of drinking glasses are best for the dining table?

    For any dining table, it is best to choose glasses that complement the overall table setting and occasion. You can opt for classic clear drinking glasses for an elegant setting. For a chic tablescape, opt for hammered drinking glasses to lend a unique aesthetic merging practicality with design. Combining both form and function, they help create a captivating drinking experience.

    How can we use drinkware to enhance kitchen cabinets?

    To infuse drama into your kitchen cabinets using drinking glasses, consider incorporating glasses with bold colors, unique patterns, and eclectic designs. Layering various textures, like hammered or ridged glasses, can create visual interest. Using lighting to highlight these glasses, especially those with intricate patterns, can amplify their impact. Lastly, arranging them in unexpected ways or pairing with contrasting dishware can enhance the dramatic effect.

    What is a drinking glass used for?

    Tumbler glasses are used to serve juices, cold drinks, water, and more. Buy the most elegant tumbler glass set from the Pure Home + Living.

Product Name Price
Set of 2 Clear and Gold Drinking Glasses ₹ 2,799
Set of 2 Clear and Gold Drinking Glasses ₹ 2,799
Set of 2 Clear Criss Cross Printed Drinking Glasses ₹ 1,349
Set of 2 Gold Floral Etching Drinking Glasses ₹ 1,349
Set of 2 Clear Floral Etching Drinking Glasses ₹ 1,349
Set of 2 Light Blue Floral Etching Drinking Glasses ₹ 1,549
Set of 2 Light Pink Floral Etching Drinking Glasses ₹ 1,549