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The kitchen can be considered as one of those points in our home that can create an impression about us. This is why the trend of kitchen designing is booming to set a positive impression in everyone's mind. To be honest, decorating our kitchen won't just give positivity to others but will also create a positive environment for ourselves as well.

To decorate our kitchen, we searched for different vessels that looked and felt good in our kitchens and on our dining tables as well. The latest idea to do this is to use Small Side Bowls. Small side bowls won't just look pretty and aesthetic but will increase every kind of kitchen and dining table. You can now buy attractive small side bowls online or serving platters from Pure Home + Living.

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As the name suggests, a small side bowl is generally smaller and more elegant than usual bowls. They give you a perfect feel by being neither too big nor too small in size. These bowls generally range between 4 inches to 6 inches in diameter. This makes small side bowls perfect for holding a decent quantity of food items.

At Pure Home + Living, you can come across an extensive range of functional as well as aesthetic small side bowls to enhance your dining experience.

Light Green Ceramic Side Bowls:

This side bowl set is a beautiful choice for those seeking functional yet appealing dinnerware. Created with utmost attention to detail, these serving bowls are accentuated by the use of golden rims to add a touch of luxury.

Ivory Ceramic Criss Cross Side Bowls:

This is yet another elegant choice for your tableware. These ivory-hued side bowls for serving are designed with intricate criss-cross designs along with gold rims to enhance the overall presentation.

Teal Floral Shaped Glass Side Bowls:

It is a stunning and elegant dinnerware option for your collection. These serving bowls are designed in a beautiful floral shape along with the ombre center to impart a designer touch.

Why Shop Side Bowls Online from Pure Home + Living?

Shopping for side bowls from Pure Home + Living comes with several benefits, including:

Hurricane bell shape stands:

We offer a wide range of styles, ranging from gold-rimmed designs to elegant colors to even minimalistic looks to cater to all preferences.

Unique and Artistic Designs:

Every side bowl set for serving features unique detailing, right from intricate designs to contemporary shapes to upgrade your dining style.


Our serving bowls are suitable for different occasions, right from serving dishes to serving as decorative pieces on your dining table.

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  • Ivory Ceramic Small Bowls
  • Green Dune Glass Small Bowls
  • Blue Porcelain Small Bowl

Discover Unique Side Bowls for a Distinctive Look

Despite being a versatile option for cooking, the use of small side bowls is not limited to just cooking. The use of a small side bowl extends from cooking to an elegant presentation as well. You can even use small side bowls in the kitchen for cooking, and the same side bowls can again be used to present the cooked food on table tops.

The bowls are also available in diversity, whether it's ceramic, or steel, you can buy all of them. The best part about the small side bowls and their designs is that it's easily available almost everywhere. You can buy a small side bowl online.


1. How many serving bowls should I have?

A large serving bowl, along with 2-3 small side bowls, will suit a small-sized family. However, if you are hosting a large group, you would need one serving bowl for each main dish. It would also appear well-organized on a dining table.

2. What is the purpose of a serving side bowl?

Serving bowls are immensely versatile diningware pieces. They are typically used for serving firm food items like curries, fruits, veggies, and soups. You can use them for aesthetic purposes as well, to enhance the decor of your dining area.

3. What should I put in small serving bowls?

You can leverage small serving bowls to serve smaller portions like curries, veggies, soups, and even dried items. They are highly versatile pieces and can be used for different occasions.

4. Can I get serving bowls in different sizes?

Yes. With Pure Home + Living, you can get attractive serving bowls in different shapes and sizes. The diversity will help you choose the best dinnerware for your beautiful dining setting.

5. Why are serving bowls useful?

Serving bowls are immensely useful pieces of dinnerware for any dining setting. You can serve different types of food items, like curries and vegetables, in serving bowls of different sizes and shapes.

Product Name Price
Set Of 2 Pink Floral Shaped Small Glass Bowls ₹ 734
Set Of 2 Green Floral Shaped Small Glass Bowls ₹ 734
Set Of 2 Yellow Floral Shaped Glass Small Bowls ₹ 734
Set Of 2 Blue Small Porcelain Bowls With Gold Rim ₹ 629
Set Of 2 Pink Small Porcelain Bowls With Gold Rim ₹ 629
Set Of 2 Green Small Porcelain Bowls With Gold Rim ₹ 629
Blue Porcelain Small Bowl ₹ 349