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Serving bowls are an essential element that add both artistry and functionality to your dining table. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, every meal requires a proper bowl for serving while also being elegantly presented.

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The serving bowls serve as a versatile item in the kitchen to present an array of dishes. They are available in different designs, materials, and sizes to cater to every occasion. Pure Home + Living understands the balance between beauty and utility and brings the selection of serving bowls online that are made of superior materials and unique designs. Whether you are looking serving bowls for an impromptu gathering with friends, for everyday use or for elaborate dinner parties, our selection ensures that your dining experience is functional and memorable. Different types of serving bowls have different purposes. For instance, salad bowls are flat in the bottom and are wide and shallow. This will allow you to toss and mix the salad ingredients easily. On the contrary, choose designer serving bowls with a platter-like shape to serve dry fruits or any dry ingredients. This will allow the food to be easily accessible and aesthetically displayed.

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Ceramic serving bowls:

Our assortment of ceramic serving bowls feature prints and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. These serving bowls are crafted from premium ceramic material and seamlessly blend sophistication with durability. Whether you like bold patterns or timeless designs, our diverse range guarantees that your table is adorned with a perfect fusion of style and functionality.

Glass serving bowls:

Elevate your table setting with our glass serving bowls that showcase the perfect blend of transparency and versatility. Crafted with superior quality glass, these bowls showcase your culinary creations beautifully. Whether for salads, desserts, or side dishes, our glass serving bowls add a touch of sophistication to every dining experience.

Serving bowl sets:

You can find matching serving bowl sets to complete the look. A set of bowls ensure a beautiful table scape for everyday and for occasions.

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If you are looking for elegant yet functional serving bowls online to add to your tableware collection, discover Pure Home + Living’s (PHL) collection. Not only are these bowls easy to match and style, they are safely delivered to your doorstop, on time.

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  • Clear and Gold Serving Bowl with Goil Foil Rim
  • Light Green Ceramic Serving Bowl
  • Beige Porcelain Serving Bowl - Small

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Serving bowls instantly upgrade your table scape as the are multipurpose, and aesthetically beautiful. To complete the look, you can shop our serveware collection including platters, salad bowls, cookie stands and more from our extensive collection.


1. How big should a serving bowl be?

The ideal serving bowl typically ranges from 16 cm to 26 cm in diameter, which makes it versatile for presenting main courses, salads, and more.

2. What is the importance of a serving bowl?

A serving bowl plays a dual role, enhancing both the visual presentation and practical functionality of your dining experience. Beyond this, it facilitates shared portions, individual preferences, and effective portion control.

3. How should I buy a serving bowl?

Serving bowls generally focus on aesthetics for table presentation featuring decorative designs. In contrast, mixing bowls focus on functionality with practical designs and are crafted in materials like stainless steel or glass. Deeper and more utilitarian mixing bowls are made for kitchen tasks such as blending and stirring during culinary preparations.

4. What is the best material of serving bowls?

Ceramic is considered the best material for casual parties and for everyday use. Glass and porcelain serving bowls in colours or featuring prints can be used for intimate gatherings and bigger celebrations.

5. Can I use my serving bowls for outdoor dining?

Yes, serving bowls can be used for outdoor dining. Choose the designs as per occasion and your style preferences.

Product Name Price
Purple Radial Glass Serving Bowl ₹ 1,014
Horizon Serving Bowl ₹ 699
Light Green Radial Glass Serving Bowl ₹ 1,014
Vera Serving Bowl ₹ 999
Pink Radial Glass Serving Bowl ₹ 1,014
Light Blue Radial Glass Serving Bowl ₹ 1,014
Set Of 2 Light Green Radial Glass Serving Bowls ₹ 1,399