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Coffee Mugs

Elevate your morning coffee experience with stylish coffee mugs from Pure Home + Living

What’s the best part of waking up in the morning? Coffee, of course! Enjoying your morning coffee becomes easy with a beautiful coffee mug. The choice of coffee mugs can have a significant impact on your morning. Whether you prefer a classic ceramic coffee mug or one with 24 karat gold handle, the right coffee mug can surely enhance the flavour and aroma of your coffee. Coffee mugs are not only a great way to enjoy your beverages but work as great decor items too. Showcase your coffee mugs in glass-doored cabinets or mug stands and lend your kitchen a dash of style instantly.

Sturdy, durable and beautiful, Pure Home + Living’s collection of coffee mugs are perfect to enhance your coffee ritual. Crafted in colours that will elevate your home and kitchen space, they have simple yet sweet single-coloured and dual-coloured mugs and more intricately designed ones with patterns that are perfect to use, every day or for any special occasion. Crafted to last, PHL’s collection of coffee mugs features the best of design and the highest quality, which is perfect to serve every kind of coffee you like.

Enjoy your brew in Pure Home + Living’s stylish coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are also great for other beverages. Be it your morning brew, a hot filter coffee or a cold brewed one, with your favourite coffee mug from Pure Home + Living website you will surely look forward to your morning cuppa every day.

Here are all the coffee mugs available at PHL:

1. Porcelain Coffee Mugs - Sip on your freshly brewed coffee and transport yourself to a state of calm with Pure Home + Living's collection of porcelain designer coffee mugs. They feature a comfortable hold and generous capacity to be the perfect companion for a cosy coffee experience.

2. Senorita Coffee Mugs - Experience the blend of modern design with classic comfort for your daily brew with Pure Home + Living's collection of chic Senorita designer coffee mugs. Crafted in porcelain with a standout 24-karat gold handle, these mugs come in classic shades and prints to elevate any table setting.

3. Ceramic Coffee Mugs - The perfect blend of simplicity and elegance, Pure Home + Living's collection of classic coffee cups will lend luxury to your cherished coffee moments. Crafted in ceramic and featuring intricate 24 karat real gold detail, these are a great addition to your dining collection to use for occasions and otherwise.

Find designer coffee mugs at Pure Home + Living

At Pure Home + Living, you will find a variety of patterned and printed designer coffee mugs that will feel nothing less than luxurious additions to your home and kitchen. These have simple yet elegant patterns and give the home a dash of elegance. They go well with different kitchen crockery sets and can be placed on a mantle or counter to give the kitchen a bolder look. The perfect vessels to enjoy your favourite brew, designer coffee mugs are also an extension of your personal style. Elevating your home décor, they lend a touch of charm to your kitchen shelves. A well-chosen mug or cup can complement and even enhance your dinnerware turning everyday moments into elegant affairs and infusing warmth and personality into every sip. Paired with your exquisite dinnerware collection, they seamlessly blend function with artistry and transform a simple dinner into a gourmet experience.

Coffee mugs from Pure Home + Living (PHL) make for the perfect gift for any occasion

Timeless, elegant and very chic, PHL’s collection of coffee mugs makes for the perfect gift be it a housewarming or a birthday celebration. Lending a touch of luxury to your everyday ritual, these mugs are a must-have in your collection. With exceptional quality craftsmanship, these coffee mugs with their beautiful packaging, exceptional details and unmissable colours are universally appealing and fit almost any occasion.


Which coffee cup is the best?

Coffee mugs with unique styles, colours and patterns are considered perfect. They not only let you enjoy your favourite beverage but also add an elegant touch to your home decor. They will enhance your coffee-drinking experience and look great when served to your guests or used every day. Sturdy and durable, the coffee mugs crafted in porcelain and ceramic are considered the best since they have thick walls to provide good insulation, keeping the exterior comfortable to hold even when filled with hot coffee.

What is the best brand for designer coffee mugs?

Coffee mugs are something we use in our everyday life. Moreover, the exquisite designs and patterns add style to the kitchen theme. Pure Home + Living is a great site with a variety of colours and patterns of coffee mugs to choose from. Crafted to last, PHL’s collection of coffee mugs features the best of design and the highest quality. Shop coffee mugs online from Pure Home + Living.

Can I use a coffee mug for beverages other than coffee?

Yes, you can absolutely use a coffee mug for other beverages also. Coffee mugs are versatile and can hold a variety of hot or cold drinks, such as tea, hot chocolate, herbal infusions, soups, and even cold beverages. The choice of beverage is entirely up to your preference, and coffee mugs can be a convenient and comforting vessel for enjoying a wide range of drinks.

What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain coffee mugs?

While ceramic and porcelain share many similarities, there are a few key differences. Ceramic is a broad term that encompasses various types of pottery. Ceramic mugs are often made from clay, which is fired at lower temperatures. Porcelain, on the other hand, is a specific type of ceramic made from fine-particle clay that is fired at higher temperatures. This results in a denser and smoother surface.

How can I remove coffee stains from my mug?

To remove coffee stains from your mug, you can try the cleaning it with water and soap. Avoid using any harsh, / abrasive cleaners. Use a sponge, brush, or even a mixture of dish soap and warm water to clean the mug's interior.

Are coffee mugs microwave and dishwasher safe?

All coffee mugs are dishwasher safe. They are also microwave-safe, unless they have a 24 karat real gold rim. Those with gold rim cannot be put in the microwave.

Product Name Price
Set of 2 Dark Blue Senorita Coffee Mugs ₹ 1,599
Set of 2 Light Grey Senorita Coffee Mugs ₹ 1,599
Set of 2 Ivory and Gold Scallop Detail Ceramic Coffee Mugs ₹ 1,299
Set of 2 Dark Grey Senorita Coffee Mugs ₹ 1,599
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