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Dinner platters, dessert plates, and platter dishes form an integral part of any dining table. The best part is that when you buy a serving platter online from Pure Home + Living, you get a wide variety of platters in different styles, shapes and materials to choose from.

Whether you are hosting a special dinner at your home or are fond of collecting exquisite dinnerware pieces, it is important to have something functional, versatile yet stunning. This is where serving platters come in - delivering the perfect blend of function and form. You can shop for attractive dinner plates from Pure Home + Living.

Explore a Wide Selection of Serving Platters

Serving platters are great for pulling together all the crucial elements that make up an elaborate meal. With an immense variety available online at Pure Home + Living, you can pick platters of different shapes, styles, and forms to elevate the dining experience.

Ceramic Platters:

Ceramic platter serves as a popular and versatile piece of dinnerware that has been in use for several years. Ceramic platter is made out of top-class ceramic material to deliver the assurance of durability and aesthetics for your dining table.

Oval Platter:

Oval serving platters are a popular choice for serving delicious food at formal events or on special occasions. These are available in classic colors with elegant gold rim detail.

Square Platter:

While oval platters are a conventional shape, square platters are sleek and modern in design. They lend a contemporary touch to the dining table. At Pure Home + Living, you will find square platters in ceramic, crafted in different colors.

Why Shop Serving Platters Online from Pure Home + Living?

A full-fledged serving platter is a must-have centerpiece for every event, meal, or party. They highlight your culinary delights while making the overall presentation more eye-catching.

You can use serving platters for a wide range of purposes, right from day-to-day cooking to organizing formal dinners, and even outdoor gatherings.

Wide Variety:

PHL features an extensive range of styles and designs to upgrade your dinnerware collection.

Sophisticated Designs:

PHL’s collection features unique and sophisticated designs of serving platters to highlight your dining area.


With our collection, you can present beautiful serving platters on any occasion, both formal and casual occasions.

Check Out the Top Serving Platters from Pure Home + Living

You can buy serving platters online from Pure Home + Living along with serving dishes, including serving trays, bowls, oval platters, platter dishes, and other accessories from the serveware category.

  • White Silver Victoria Oval Serving Platter
  • Dark Blue Radial Glass Serving Bowl
  • Citrine Gold Luce Rimmed Bowl

Discover Unique Serving Platters for a Distinctive Look

Pure Home + Living is your one-stop destination for all your kitchen and dining needs. Make your home more comforting and your dining experience even more special by using elegant serving platters for your purpose.


1. Why do you use a serving platter?

Serving platters are essentially flat dishes or bowls that are used for displaying different food products in the dining area.

2. What is a good size for a serving bowl?

If you are opting for a small serving bowl, it should be preferably 8 to 9 inches in depth. The ultimate size of a serving bowl will depend on the exact food item you wish to carry in the bowl.

3. How should I buy a serving bowl?

Based on your specific dining requirements, you can shop for the perfect serving bowls. It will also depend on the exact serving of food items that you wish to present at the dinner table.

4. Are serving platters available in different sizes?

Yes. At Pure Home + Living, you can get attractive serving platters in different sizes and shapes. This allows you to create a great experience while dining by serving different food items in unique serving platters.

5. Can I buy colorful serving bowls?

When you shop serving bowls from Pure Home + Living, you can get immense variety in the overall collection. For instance, you can buy serving bowls in different sizes and colors to complement your dining setting.

Product Name Price
Classic Cream Butter Dish ₹ 525
Classic White Creamer ₹ 400
Cream Soup tureen with Lid ₹ 1,075
Light Blue Radial Glass Serving Bowl ₹ 725
Set Of 2: Large Cream Classic Salad Bowl ₹ 650
Set Of 2 Pink Floral Shaped Glass Serving Bowls ₹ 1,249
Set Of 2 Pink Floral Shaped Small Glass Bowls ₹ 1,049