Refresh your abode with sculptures and figurines from Pure Home + Living

When it comes to lending style and personality to your homes, sculptures and figurines stand out as timeless options. They add depth, character, and a touch of sophistication to any home. Crafted with immense attention to detail, these sculptures and figurines offer a unique blend of art and personal expression. They are nothing less than pieces of art that can transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. At Pure Home + Living, you will find a huge selection of sculptures and figurines to spruce up your space instantly. Pure Home + Living features many designs in sculptures, from sitting Ganesha to meditating Buddha. Whether it is for your console or coffee table, these designs will lend your space beauty and elegance.

Lend a classy touch to your space with figurines and sculptures

Figurines and sculptures are some of the best home decor items you can use to spruce up a room. They can be placed anywhere, be it countertops or consoles.

Here are a few options of sculptures and figurines that you can shop from Pure Home + Living:

Meditating Buddha Sculptures

Create a serene environment with beautiful Buddha sculptures from Pure Home + Living. Crafted with attention to detail, these come in different shades to complement any interior. Lending a touch of style and serenity, place it in your garden area, shelf, or even your entryway.

Versatile Buddha Heads

Lend your space an eye-catching home decor accent with Pure Home + Living’s collection of Buddha heads. Crafted by experienced artisans in ceramic, they exude a sense of calm and serenity, while lending personality to your space.

Animal figurines

Pure Home + Living has an extensive range of animal figurines. You can find leopards, elephants, and horses, in classic shades like gold and black. Lending your space a luxurious feel, these light and durable pieces can be used to decorate your home or office space.

Ganesha figurines

A radiant embodiment of the divine, Pure Home + Living’s Ganesha figurines will make for the perfect gifting options for Diwali. Expertly crafted, these figurines showcase the revered deity, in an antique finish. Their intricate detailing and serene expressions evoke a sense of tranquility and reverence, making them a cherished symbol of blessings and auspicious beginnings.

Bull figurines

Take a walk on the wild side with strong and sturdy bull figurines. Embodying strength, resilience, and determination, these figurines capture the majestic essence of this iconic symbol. Whether gracing your office desk or becoming a centerpiece in your home, these figurines capture the majestic essence of this iconic symbol.

Horse figurines

Graceful and noble, our horse figurines exude an aura of timeless elegance. Crafted with exquisite detail, these figurines capture the majestic beauty and strength of horses. Symbolizing freedom, power, and beauty, these pieces add a touch of style and sophistication to any space.

Rhinoceros figurines

A robust symbol of strength and resilience, our rhinoceros figurines will lend an antique yet sophisticated element to the space.

How to style sculptures & figurines from Pure Home + Living

1. For a professional setting, opt for fewer, high-quality pieces to avoid cluttering. This ensures sophistication and avoids distractions. Place a few animal figurines at the reception area with complementary flowers.

2. On a console table, group figurines or sculptures that narrate a story or theme. This can be a great conversation starter. You can also place them keeping the theme of your home in mind.

3. Place a tray and a Buddha head on a side table. Complete the look with a few votives.

4. Figurines can also be placed on window sills, coffee tables, or in wall niches.


Where should sculptures be placed in the house?

Sculptures are versatile and go well in any setting. Sculptures can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a home when placed thoughtfully. The ideal location will depend on the size, design, and purpose of the sculpture. Place it at the entryway or foyer to make a bold statement, welcoming guests with a taste of your personal style. In the living room, place it on the center or side table with a tray and a few votives.

What are indoor sculptures and figurines made of?

Indoor sculptures and figurines are generally made of several materials, such as ceramics and polyresin. Durable and light, these can be placed in the living room on the center table or side table. In the office space, it can be placed in the reception area to welcome the guest or near the foyer.

What is the purpose of indoor sculptures?

Sculptures and figurines help spruce up the space instantly. They lend style and personality to the space and lend it a more luxurious vibe. Pair them with vases, rays and other home decor accents to elevate your homes or office spaces.

How do I take care of my sculpture or figurine?

Regular dusting is crucial for maintaining the appearance of your sculpture or figurine. Use a soft, dry brush or microfiber cloth to gently remove dust without causing damage. Keep your sculpture away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, as prolonged exposure can lead to fading or deterioration.

Product Name Price
Red Ceramic Buddha Head - Large ₹ 1,075
Gold Sitting Ceramic Ganesha Figurine ₹ 999
Yellow Ceramic Buddha Head - Large ₹ 1,075
Green Ceramic Buddha Head ₹ 600
Orange Ceramic Buddha Head - Large ₹ 1,075
Red Ceramic Buddha Head ₹ 600
Antique Gold Polyresin Sitting Buddha Sculpture ₹ 1,399