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At Pure Home + Living, we feature a functional range of wicker laundry baskets that double up as beautiful décor. They are multipurpose and can be utilized as hampers, organizers, and utility bins. You can store both wet and dry clothes in these functional laundry baskets. At Pure Home + Living, you can also browse other wicker items like wicker bins, wicker storage box to maximize your organizational skills.

Our laundry baskets exhibit remarkable sturdiness and durability. They come with a functional lid to help you carry the unit across your home easily. The gorgeous, sturdy laundry handles on the top ensure that you can carry the basket around with ease. Each wicker laundry basket at Pure Home + Living serves a purpose while complimenting your aesthetic. Discover stylish and functional wicker laundry baskets online at Pure Home + Living.

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At Pure Home + Living, our impressive range of unique wicker laundry baskets are woven skilfully to enhance every nook & corner of your abode. Simplify organizing your laundry with these functional baskets by placing them in different corners of the house, including your bathroom. Explore the wide range of bathroom accessories, bath mats, face towels online at PHL.

Natural Round Heather Wicker Bin: Enjoy the ease of organizing your house with this round heather wicker laundry bin by Pure Home + Living. The handcrafted basket offers a rustic charm to any corner of your house. The best aspect is that you can leverage this beautiful wicker basket to de-clutter your house seamlessly. The bin has been crafted out of resin that is highly durable and easy to clean. The unique textured finish of the natural basket adds a vintage charm to your house.

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Functionality and aesthetics:

Are you looking forward to improving your home aesthetics while maximizing functionality? Bringing home a functional set of wicker laundry baskets from Pure Home + Living can be an ideal option. We present a functional array of stylish wicker baskets with lids to maximize your productivity and organizational skills.


When you buy wicker laundry bins from Pure Home + Living, you can be confident about the product's overall durability. We present bins of the highest quality, usually resin wicker, to maximize the bins' durability.


With Pure Home + Living, you can discover a variety options when it comes to shopping for durable wicker laundry baskets. Whether you wish to shop bins with lids or without lids, the wide range of options online will ensure that your space is organized perfectly.

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- Brown Resin Wicker Laundry Basket with Lid
- Natural Round Heather Wicker Bin
- Natural Round Heather Wicker Bin with Lid

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With Pure Home + Living, discover unique wicker laundry baskets synonymous with functionality and style. Whether you choose the basket with or without lids, you can look forward to de-cluttering your home and organizing it as per your preference. Shop the latest collection of durable, stylish wicker laundry bins to accentuate the décor of your home.


1. What is the purpose of laundry baskets?

Laundry baskets can be used to store dirty clothes or piles of clothes lying around your house. They help you organize your house and keep it well-maintained.

2. Are laundry baskets necessary?

Laundry baskets are essential for storing dirty laundry before you wash them in the washing machine. You might as well use them for storing other items like toys to de-clutter your house.

3. Can laundry baskets also get dirty?

Yes. It is recommended that you clean them once a while to ensure that your space remains hygienic. While they might not appear dirty, you can still clean them with a damp cloth every now and then.

4. Where should I keep my laundry basket?

For maximum ease of use, store them in your laundry area or in a dedicated corner in your bedroom to accumulate dirty clothes all at once.

5. How can I choose the best laundry basket?

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the best laundry basket by opting for a durable material like wicker. Wicker laundry baskets last longer and appear visually appealing in your house.