Pillow Shams & Cushions

Bring home the vibrancy of embroidered cushion covers by Pure Home + Living

Cushion covers are the easiest way to spruce up your space, be it your living room, your bedroom, or other nooks at home. These effortlessly add a touch of colour and texture. From minimal cushions for a modern home to bright and cheerful ones with elegant threadwork for a traditionally setup home, at Pure Home + Living, you will find the best pick for your aesthetic.

A cozy addition, be it indoors or outdoors, cushion covers seamlessly elevate the entire vibe of the room. Use them on your bed, sofas, or on your patio. Available in seasonal colours, elegant patterns, sizes, and textures, these cushion covers help you channel your unique style, and make it comfortable and inviting.

Explore the Magic of Different Types of Cushion Covers

Pure Home + Living features a range of cushion covers in various materials to suit different styles. Let's take a closer look at some of the popular options:

Velvet Cushion Cover : It exude luxury and elegance. They are soft to the touch and add a touch of opulence to any room. The rich texture of velvet makes it an excellent choice for creating a cozy and inviting ambiance during the winter season. These velvet picks are crafted in seasonal colours and embroidered with elegant patterns.

Cotton Cushion Cover : They are versatile and breathable, perfect for the summer season and beyond. They come in a wide range of colors and patterns, making them perfect for both casual and formal settings. Cotton cushion covers are easy to maintain and can withstand regular cleaning.

Linen Cushion Cover: They are the most minimally designed and are easy to style and layer with other cushion covers. Perfect for indoor and outdoor settings, these cushion covers are long lasting and available in colours.

Features of Pure Home + Living's Cushion Covers

Pure Home + Living’s cushion covers are designer with sheer attention to detail. From the edges to the design on the front and the finishing at the back, each part of the design is given equal attention.

Piping on the Corners: Piping is a decorative trim or edging that is sewn along the seams and corners of a cushion cover. It consists of a narrow strip of fabric that is usually in a contrasting or coordinating color with the cushion cover. Here's why piping is a valuable addition to cushion covers:

Enhanced durability: Piping serves a practical purpose by reinforcing the edges and corners of the cushion cover. It helps prevent fraying and wear and tear, ensuring that the cover remains in good condition over time. This added durability means your cushion covers will last longer, even with frequent use.

Visual definition: Piping provides a clean and crisp outline to the cushion, defining its shape and edges. This visual definition adds a sense of structure and sophistication to the cushion, making it look more polished and well-finished.

Aesthetic appeal: Beyond its functional benefits, piping is a design element that can significantly enhance the overall look of the cushion cover. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, elevating the aesthetics of your entire living space.

Zip Closure at the Back: The Easy-to-Use Feature of Our Cushion Covers

Pure Home + Living’s cushion covers feature a concealed zipper that runs along one edge of the cover, typically the longer edge. Here's why a zip closure is a valuable feature:

Easy access: The zip closure provides easy access to the cushion insert inside the cover. This makes it simple to insert or remove the cushion when needed, whether for cleaning, fluffing, or seasonal change of colours.

Neat appearance: A concealed zip lends a clean and seamless appearance. There are no visible buttons, ties, or overlapping fabric flaps, giving the cushion a modern and polished look.

Secure fit: When the zip closure is fastened, it securely encases the cushion insert, preventing it from slipping or shifting within the cover. This ensures that your cushions maintain their shape and look neatly arranged.

Maintenance at ease: Zip closures make it effortless to remove the cover for cleaning. You can easily unzip the cover, remove the insert, and then machine wash or spot clean the cover as needed. This convenience is especially useful for households with pets or children.

Seasonal Colors in Cushion Covers

Refreshing your home with trendy colors can instantly change the mood of your space. Pure Home + Living offers a beautiful array of cushion cover colors to suit every season and style:

Blue: Cool and calming, blue cushion covers are perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere. They are perfect to add colour to minimally styled interiors in beige and white.

Green: Green cushion covers bring the outdoors inside. Whether it's a deep forest green or a bright lime hue, green adds a refreshing touch to your space.

Teal: Teal is a versatile color that combines the calming properties of blue with the invigorating qualities of green. Teal cushion covers are both elegant and soothing.

Red: Red is a bold and passionate color. Adding red cushion covers lends vibrancy into your room. They work well in contemporary spaces that need a boost of colour.

Gold: Gold cushion covers add a touch of luxe and glamour. They are perfect for creating an opulent and sophisticated atmosphere.

Purple: Purple is a color associated with creativity. Purple cushion covers can add a sense of mystery and intrigue to your home, making these definite conversation starters.

Yellow: Yellow cushion covers bring warmth and sunshine into your space. They are ideal for creating a cheerful and inviting ambiance.

Orange: Orange is a vibrant and energetic color. Orange cushion covers can create a lively and fun atmosphere in your home.


How do I choose the right cushion cover material for my home?

Choosing the right material depends on your personal style and the intended use of the cushion covers. Velvet offers luxury and comfort, while cotton is versatile and easy to clean. Linen cushion covers are perfect for summer season as they are breathable and lend coolness to the atmosphere. Consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in your space.

Are Pure Home + Living's cushion covers machine washable?

Many of Pure Home + Living's cushion covers are machine washable. However, it's essential to check the care instructions on the product label to ensure proper maintenance. The cushion covers that feature embroidered details and sequins should be dry cleaned every season.

Do cushion covers come in different sizes to fit various cushion inserts?

Yes, Pure Home + Living’s cushion covers come in various sizes to accommodate different cushion insert sizes. Make sure to measure your inserts before purchasing to ensure a proper fit. Pure Home + Living also offers cushion fillers in different sizes so you don't have to look for cushion fillers separately.

How can I mix and match cushion cover colors and patterns effectively?

Mixing and matching cushion covers can be a creative way to add depth, texture and personality to your space. Start with a cohesive color palette and vary the patterns and textures for a balanced look. For example, you can pair solid color cushion covers with patterned ones to complete the look. Discover home decor pieces like vases, photo frames and figurines to match or contrast.

How can cushion covers be used to uplift your living room?

You can add cushion covers to elevate your home. From neutral hues to vivid shades, from classic solids to elegant stripes, at Pure Home + Living, you’ll surely find cushion covers that match your style and vibe. Mix and match them with your sofa and your space is all set to welcome your loved ones.

How to choose the right colour of cushion covers for my home?

When choosing a cushion cover, go for colours that complement your decor theme. If you want to create an eccentric look, choose covers with stunning prints and designs. And if you like a minimal vibe, opt for ones in a neutral/classic palette.

Product Name Price
Pink and Orange Ombre Square Velvet Cushion Cover ₹ 1,049
Pink and Orange Abstract Embroidered Square Cushion Cover ₹ 1,049
Pink and Orange Ombre Embroidered Rectangle Velvet Cushion Cover ₹ 979
Ivory and Orange Patch Velvet Square Cushion Cover ₹ 1,049
Orange Vine Embroidered Sqaure Cushion Cover ₹ 874
Orange Embroidered Rectangle Cushion Cover ₹ 979
Pink Floral Digital Print Velvet Square Cushion Cover ₹ 629