Wax Filled Jars

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Experience the warmth of aromatic jar filled candles as you enter your home with Pure Home + Living’s range of wax-filled jar candle. Access our attractive range of glass wax filled jar candle for an aromatic experience.

Think a cozy evening setting and our jar candle exuding a warm glow and soothing fragrance spreading through the air. This magic was brought forth by our range of wax-filled jar candle. Whether you are fond of candles or looking to gift something thoughtful for your loved ones, you are in for a delightful treat.

At Pure Home + Living, you can also purchase other decor items like candle holders for elevating the vibe of your space.

Explore our wide selection of jar candle online

The aroma of a wax-filled jar candle can enhance the ambiance of your space. They also improve the overall mood and setting of the space. You can go through our stunning collection of wax-filled jar candle to transform your space.

Wide variety of pillar candles for your home

Our wide variety of candles are crafted especially to add that touch of elegance to any room. They are scented with seasonal fragrances and available in varying heights and diameters to suit your preferences.

Lavender and chamomile wax-filled jar candle:

Lavender and chamomile are scents that are synonymous with relaxation. Place this fragrant candle in any nook to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Jasmine garland jar candle:

Jasmine jar candle is characterized by a sweet and inviting smell. It also delivers a highly relaxing effect. You can create a romantic setting with our jasmine jar candle.

Rose and summer berry jar candle:

Our rose and summer berry candle smells refreshing and is comforting and soothing. If you wish to create an invigorating environment, this scent is perfect for you.

Our enchanting candle jars feature memorable fragrances to uplift your mood. Whether you like flowery or woody fragrances, we have got you covered!

Why shop jar candles from Pure Home + Living?

Long-lasting aroma:

Our candles in beautiful jars use premium-quality aromatic oils. This delivers the assurance of long-lasting fragrance.

Artistic pieces:

Our beautiful jar candle are designed meticulously with utmost intricacy and detailing. You can shop for top-quality glass candle jars from Pure Home + Living for the best experience.

Perfect for all occasions:

Whether it is a special celebration or a cozy, romantic setting, or you simply wish to add something elegant to your home, our jar candles are the perfect choice.

Discover the bestselling jar candles from Pure Home + Living

  • Lavender and Chamomile Jar Candle
  • Rose and Summer Berry Jar Candle
  • Jasmine and Garland Jar Candle

Explore unique wax-filled jar candles for a distinctive look

If you wish to add a sense of sophistication and romanticism to your home, you can buy our unique range of wax-filled jar candles. They also serve as attractive home decor items while enhancing your home with unparalleled aroma.


1.How long do the jar candles last for?

The duration for which candle jars last in your home will depend on different factors. It is suggested to light the candle for a maximum of four hours a day. Allow the wax to cool down after burning. Once the candle wax is over, you can clean the jar and reuse it as a home decor item.

2. Can I buy different fragrances of candle jars to mix scents?

Yes, at Pure Home + Living, you can discover an extensive range of fragrances to highlight your space. Whether you prefer lavender or vanilla, we have a wide range of exclusive fragrances to keep your home fragrant throughout. You can mix scents like lavender and chamomile with jasmine for a soothing effect.

3. How to buy the best candle jar?

You should consider the type of fragrance you prefer. At the same time, you should look into the space you are going to place the candle jar in.

4. Can I find affordable candle jars?

Pure Home + Living is the one-stop destination to come across an affordable yet attractive range of jar candles to enhance your home decor.

Product Name Price
Wax Filled Cylinder Brown Glass Jar ₹ 839
Set Of 2 Gold-Toned Glass Jar With Wax ₹ 1,049
Brown Textured Glass Wax Filled Jar - Medium ₹ 839
Set Of 2 - Brown Textured Glass Wax Filled Jars - Small ₹ 1,049
Silver Lavender and Chamomile Jar Candle ₹ 799
Sapphire Blue Wax Filled Jar (Set-2) ₹ 1,049
Set Of 2 - Dark Brown Textured Glass Wax Filled Jars - Small ₹ 1,049