Shop stylish indoor plant pots from Pure Home + Living

The perfect companion to your favourite plant and lending a naturalist touch to your space are pots. Pure Home + Living’s collection of indoor plant pots comes in a wide variety of materials to add an earthy feel to your home.

Ceramic indoor plant pot are originally crafted from clay. Ensuring excellent breathability, these are usually used for real plants. At Pure Home + Living, you will find clay pots in neutral tones making them versatile and easy to pair with decor of any kind. With an earthy appearance, these are ideal for real as well as artificial plants.

Polyfibre pots mimic the texture of natural materials like stone. Pure Home + Living’s collection features polyfibre pots that are durable yet light and resistant to adverse weather conditions, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They require minimal maintenance and are a versatile blend of style and practicality.

Iron planters are a rustic version of planters with a four-legged metal stand. Timeless yet elegant, they feature sturdy construction and are perfect to be used as functional vessels for plants or as standalone decorative pieces for patios, gardens, or any home setting.

How to choose the perfect indoor plant pot?

Choosing any random plant pot for your artificial plant will impact the visual appeal of your space. Therefore, going for a pot that enhances the ambience of your abode becomes significant. If you want to adorn your space with artificial plants and are looking for the perfect indoor plant pot, here are some great tips to select the perfect one for your space.

Material - If you want to add a premium look to your home, opt for pots crafted with materials such as polyresin. Durable and low on maintenance, they are one of the most preferred options when it comes to pots. Place them in your workspace, along with other decorative items, to create a sumptuous setting. At Pure Home + Living, indoor plant pots are made with durable materials like polyresin that will work in any space and corner.

Size - Unlike real plants, you don’t have to worry about giving your faux plants enough space to grow. However, putting them in any indoor plant pot will not be a great option. Thus, always measure the size of your plants before buying a pot.

Drainage Hole - Since your artificial plants don’t need water, there is no point in buying planters or indoor plant pots with holes. Also, you don’t have to worry about spills and mould in an indoor setting.

How to maintain and care for pots?

Regardless of the pot type, they require care and maintenance to make sure they stand the test of time.

Polyresin pots can be cleaned using a dry and soft cloth. Avoid abrasive materials that might scratch or damage the pot. While polyresin is durable, extreme temperatures might affect it. It's advisable to move the pots indoors during frosty winters or scorching summers. Although polyresin is robust, dropping or mishandling might cause cracks, so it is advisable to handle it with care.

Ceramic pots can be cleaned using room-temperature water and a soft cloth to wipe them down ceramic pots. Ceramic pots can crack if exposed to rapid temperature changes, so if you've stored a ceramic pot in a cold area, allow it to reach room temperature before filling it with warm soil or water. Ceramic is breakable. Always handle with care, and when moving larger pots, ensure they are emptied first to reduce weight and risk of breakage.

Here are a few ways to style pots in your home

Artificial potted plants and pots are a cost-effective choice among all the available home decor items. From side tables to empty corners, there are numerous spaces where you can incorporate them into our homes:

Living room - Pots are a great alternative for home decor pieces. They can be placed in any corner of your living room or even near your front door. Low on maintenance, these indoor plant pots lend personality to the space.

Dining room - On your dining table, an indoor plant pot can act as a centrepiece or be scattered or arranged symmetrically on a buffet table. Use them as a decoratives and piece together an unmissable center table arrangement for the perfect tablescape.

Kitchen - Place small pots with indoor plants on the kitchen countertops to lend the space a verdant touch. Alternatively, you can also opt for small succulents and place them near kitchen windows.

Bathroom - Unlike our living spaces, bathrooms can generally appear a bit dull. Adding a few colourful plants or just pots can be a great idea to make it more appealing. Don’t forget to match the indoor potted plants with your bath accessories.

Bedroom - You can place small ceramic pots next to your bed to lend your space a dash of nature. These indoor plant pots can house your favourite faux flower, as they require no maintenance and upkeep. You can also put them on your vanity or dresser.

Balcony/Patio - Your balcony and patio spaces are ideal places for a variety of pot sizes. Opt for polyresin pots that are durable and strong. They give the look and feel of a cement pot and will decorate the space with a rustic vibe. Depending on the space, you can even have a pot garden.


Are plant pots unbreakable?

Plant pots are not inherently unbreakable. The durability of a plant pot largely depends on the material it's made from. Ceramic pots are definitely breakable. Polyresin pots are durable however they can also break upon too much wear and tear. Thus, it is advisable that these indoor plant pots should be handled with care.

Which size pots are best for the living room?

The best size for living room pots largely depends on the available space, the specific location within the room, the decor style, and the type of plants you wish to display. At Pure Home + Living, you will find pots of all sizes. If you are looking to decorate your side table, opt for a small ceramic pot that will lend colour to the space. However, for any corner or the space next to the sofa, a large polyresin pot or a metal planter would be a functional yet aesthetic option.

Where is the best place to buy plant pots online?

Plant pots are the best minimal decor items. They effortlessly add elegance to every space. If you are looking for some minimal yet elegant plant pots, Pure Home + Living offers a wide variety for you to choose from. From ceramic pots to polyresin ones to even metal planters, PHL has a host of options for you to choose from.

Product Name Price
Brown Antique Finish Textured Aluminium Planter - Medium ₹ 1,999
Brown Antique Finish Textured Aluminium Planter - Small ₹ 1,499
Dark Brown Ribbed Aluminium Planter - Large ₹ 2,699
Dark Brown Ribbed Aluminium Planter - Medium ₹ 2,199
Dark Brown Ribbed Aluminium Planter - Small ₹ 1,699
Brown Antique Finish Ribbed Aluminium Pot - Large ₹ 4,499
Brown Antique Finish Ribbed Aluminium Pot - Small ₹ 2,999