Shop Exquisite Decorative Pieces from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

A new home is like a blank canvas, and home decor is the art that brightens the space. The decor theme of your home has a significant role in influencing the mood and character of the space. Adding curated home decor pieces to your space will uplift its appeal and add a sense of personality.

Want to make your space stand out with decorative items? Discover the exquisite assortment available online at Pure Home + Living. Divided by colours, Pure Home + Living features a perfectly curated selection of platters, jars, photo frames, vases, sculptures and more to complement various themes and designs of every space. Known for contemporary and chic pieces crafted with impeccable quality, we transform your home to make it beautiful and a reflection of your personality.

Quality Craftsmanship:

Each of Pure Home + Living's decorative pieces is a testament to unparalleled quality. From vases to sculptures, every home decor piece is a work of art that exudes sophistication and charm.

Variety of Curations:

Whether you're seeking a statement piece to anchor a room or subtle accents to complement your existing decor, Pure Home + Living has a diverse range of home decor options to choose from. Explore an array of decorative vases, figurines, sculptures, platters, and more, all curated to cater to different aesthetics and interior styles.

Something for Everyone:

Pure Home + Living's home decoration items online seamlessly blend into various interior design themes. Whether your style is modern, traditional, or minimalist, you'll find home decor items that resonate with your vision and add an extra layer of elegance to your living spaces.

Bring Home Photo Frames by Pure Home + Living

Pure Home + Living's exquisite collection of house decoration items like gold and silver metal photo frames stand out as both timeless and contemporary. Crafted with precision, these frames are a testament to the artistry of metalwork. If you are wondering how to style photo frames at home, let us help you out.

Using Pure Home + Living's photo frames, create a thoughtful placement to transform a room and create a curated space that exudes warmth and nostalgia. For instance, a collection of smaller frames arranged in a cluster can turn a blank wall into a captivating gallery. A single photo frame on your bedside table can be a gentle reminder of cherished moments before starting and ending the day.

Beyond personal use, these photo frames make exceptional gifts. Whether celebrating awedding, an anniversary or simply expressing appreciation, Pure Home + Living's photo frames are a gesture of elegance and thoughtfulness with their timeless appeal.

Statement Sculptures & Figurines by Pure Home + Living

Decorating your home with modern home decor items like sculptures and figurines is a unique way to infuse your space with personality and character. Each piece tells a story, whether it's the tranquility of a meditating Buddha, the wisdom of Lord Ganesha, the free spirit of horses, or the playfulness of animals. These artful additions spark conversations and become focal points that reflect your individuality. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, each sculpture and figurine from Pure Home + Living is expertly made from poly resin. Discover sculptures and figurines online that exude an air of sophistication while being durable enough to withstand the test of time. Learn how to style sculptures and figurines with Pure Home + Living. Place them on your coffee table along with your favourite books. Complete the look with a candle stand and pillar candles for an old-world charm.

Functional & Decorative Platters by Pure Home + Living

Love home decor but want to know how to style decorative platters? Pure Home + Living's collection of decorative platters seamlessly blends style and functionality. With shapes inspired by nature, these platters stand out with their intricate designs. Crafted in a variety of materials including metal, ceramic, and glass, each of which lends its own unique charm to the platters, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your home's aesthetic. The metal platters exude a modern and sleek vibe, ceramic platters radiate a classic charm, while glass platters add an element of sophistication. What sets Pure Home + Living's decorative platters apart is their seamless blend of functionality and style. These platters aren't just ornamental; they serve a purpose too, whether you use them as serving trays or as elegant organizers for your essentials.

Elegant Vases by Pure Home + Living

Decorative vases not only enhance your space but also serve as the perfect accompaniment for your favourite flowers. Renowned as the most loved most decor piece, vases add texture and dimension to your home. How to seamlessly style vases at home, you ask? Crafted with attention to detail using ceramic and polyresin, vases by Pure Home + Living make for the perfect additions to any room, be it on your bedroom side table, as a centre piece on your coffee table or on a console table. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or subtle and soothing tones, Pure Home + Living offers a diverse range of colors to suit your style. The textures add depth and visual interest, transforming the vases into eye-catching focal points.


How can I choose the right decorative items for my home?

You can choose decorative items that complement your interiors in terms of colour. You could also add dimension to your space by choosing decoratives of varying heights. If you prefer utility-based decor that saves space while making your space stand out, choose decorative items that serve a purpose beyond aesthetics. For instance, decorative storage boxes or stylish trays can add both beauty and functionality to your space. Ensure that the modern home decor items are proportionate to the furniture and space around them. Avoid overcrowding or underwhelming the area. We also suggest investing in high-quality items that will stand the test of time. Well-crafted pieces often have better detailing and can become cherished elements of your decor.

What are the items of decoration that can be used at home?

Decorative bowls and platters, jars like urns and canisters, photo frames, vases, sculptures, figurines, can be used at decorative pieces to curate your home. Explore a multitude of home decor selections online on the Pure Home + Living. Divided by colour, materials and seasons, choose which vibe goes the best with your aesthetic.

What are the things needed to decorate a room?

A few decorative items like vases with flowers, along with photo frames, and jars will do the trick for you. Make sure to either colour block with the theme of your room or to match the same colour scheme. To make a statement, you could place a figurine over your favourite coffee table book. Accessorizing a room is an art form that requires balance. It's important to choose house decoration items that resonate with you and contribute to the overall ambiance you want to create. When thoughtfully selected, accessories can turn your room into a well-curated haven that tells your story and invites admiration from anyone who enters.

What are the best gifts for home decoration?

The best gifts are the ones that light up any space. Whether celebrating a wedding, an anniversary or simply expressing appreciation, a photo frame from is a gesture of elegance and thoughtfulness. Alternatively, you can also choose decorative platters, canisters, meaningful figurines and more. Pure Home + Living offers a delightful range of home decor gifts that combine style, functionality, and quality craftsmanship.

What materials are Pure Home + Living’s modern home decor items made from?

At Pure Home + Living, our decoratives are made from superior quality glass, metal, ceramic and polyresin. These home decor pieces are artisanally crafted to lend elegance to your place. Metal and glass decorative items include candle holders, and decorative bowls. Whereas ceramic and polyresin pieces include vases, sculptures and figurines.

Are the house decoration items suitable for both modern and traditional interiors?

Yes, Pure Home + Living’s collection of home decor features something for every home and aesthetic, be it minimal and modern or elegant and traditional. From the colours, to the finish and textures, each detail is focused on when designing decorative items for every personality. Discover these decoratives online at

What other types of home décor items can you purchase at Pure Home & Living?

Pure Home + Living is a one-stop shop for all home decor pieces that can embellish a home. From cushion covers, figurines to candle holders, photo frames, sculptures and vases, PHL offers a wide range of home decor pieces to choose from. You can also find artificial flowers, candle stands,bath accessories, decorative vases,home textiles, votives and more at Pure Home + Living.

Product Name Price
Brown Croco Texture Faux Leather Photo Frame - Small ₹ 1,199
Brown Croco Texture Faux Leather Photo Frame - Large ₹ 2,199
Brown Croco Texture Faux Leather Photo Frame - Medium ₹ 1,399
Silver Decorative Globe with Base - Small ₹ 4,399
Silver Decorative Globe with Base - Large ₹ 6,399
Grey and Gold Decorative Bike Bookend ₹ 5,499
Grey and Gold Decorative Scooter Bookend ₹ 5,499