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Wicker Storage Box

Wicker Storage Box

Shop wicker storage boxes online from Pure Home + Living

Are you searching for the perfect blend of style and functionality when it comes to organizing your space? Wicker storage boxes at Pure Home + Living are here to suffice your needs. Whether you are looking for an accessory to de-clutter your working environment or boost the aesthetic appeal of corners of your house, attractive wicker storage baskets and other decor accents at Pure Home + Living will fulfill your specific requirements.

Shopping wicker storage boxes online from Pure Home + Living will help you declutter your personal space and lend a touch of elegance. With a wide range of sizes and designs available online on Pure Home + Living, you can seamlessly choose a wicker box to meet your diverse storage needs.

Explore our variety of wicker storage boxes online

Buying wicker storage boxes online from Pure Home + Living is an efficient and convenient way to include a stylish, versatile accessory for storage in your home. Our easy to navitage website allows you to browse through the vast collection of the perfect wicker storage boxes to match your interiors and needs alike.

Brown Resin Wicker Basket:

If you are looking for a stylish storage solution, this brown resin wicker basket is crafted out of durable wicker to serve as both versatile as well as functional for your storage requirements. You can place the basket in your bedroom, bathroom, living area or any other space to serve as a modern décor piece

Natural Heather Wicker Utility Basket:

This basket is a beautifully designed storage solution for your home. It is handwoven to perfection with resin wicker to impart ample style and vogue to your interiors. The storage unit is designed with a metal frame to enhance durability with respect to in-house storage.

Natural Heather Wicker Letter File Box:

This attractive storage box blends style with functionality, especially for office or home storage solutions. It is a beautiful handwoven basket that is designed by skilled artisans. The basket has a durable metal frame while also featuring a lid for your overall convenience

Why shop wicker storage boxes online from Pure Home + Living?

You can shop for designer wicker boxes or wicker baskets as storage units for your abode. Pure Home + Living is a one-stop destination for all your home décor and storage needs:

Quality designs:

We feature an exclusive collection of beautifully handwoven pieces that are designed out of durable, superior quality resin wicker. Therefore, you can be assured of investing in the best range of quality storage boxes.


When you buy wicker storage boxes online from Pure Home + Living, you can get the ease of browsing through the extensive collection, right from the comfort of your home.

Aesthetic appeal:

Every piece of wicker storage basket at Pure Home + Living is not only functional but also aesthetically impressive to enhance the ambiance of your space.

Discover bestselling storage boxes from Pure Home + Living

  • Natural Heather Wicker Baskets
  • Brown Resin Wicker Multipurpose Basket
  • Brown Resin Wicker Utility Box

How PHL’s wicker baskets can create an aesthetic space

As you explore our unique collection of wicker storage boxes online, it creates an opportunity to enhance your living space with something functional as well as aesthetic. Our beautifully designed pieces serve as practical storage solutions for your entire home. Moreover, they also impart a touch of elegance and functionality to your home.


1. What types of wicker storage boxes can I get online?

Pure Home + Living offers an extensive collection of functional wicker storage boxes in different sizes, designs, and colors. All these storage units are designed to meet your diverse storage and décor needs.

2. How can I select the right size of the wicker storage box?

When you are buying the wicker storage box, it is important to consider the items you will place in the box. Moreover, it is also important to look into the space wherein you will be keeping the storage box.

3. Can I place wicker storage boxes in my bathroom?

You can place wicker storage box in your bathroom that are designed to withstand moisture. Otherwise, it is recommended to store them outside the damp environment.

4. What type of wicker storage box should I buy?

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can buy wicker storage boxes accordingly. There are different variants available to suffice your needs. Wicker storage boxes are great for your bathroom functionality.

5. How are wicker boxes useful for your bathroom?

Wicker storage boxes are great for your bathroom storage. They are also great for enhancing your bathroom decor beautifully. They are both functional and decorative to serve as great decor pieces for your home.

Product Name Price
Light Brown Resin Wicker Tapered Utility Basket ₹ 1,699
Set of 2: Big Natural Heather Wicker Baskets ₹ 3,599
Set of 2 Light Brown Resin Wicker Utility Baskets ₹ 5,199
Light Brown Resin Wicker Multipurpose Storage Box With Lid ₹ 4,199
Brown Resin Wicker Tapered Utility Basket ₹ 1,699
Set Of 2 Brown Resin Wicker Basket ₹ 3,599
Brown Resin Wicker Multipurpose Storage Box With Lid ₹ 4,199
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