Face Towels

Face Towels

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For healthy and glowing skin that stays fresh, invest in top-quality face towels from Pure Home + Living to enhance your self-care regimen. As these towels come in direct contact with your face, it is wise to choose the best quality of towels online from Pure Home + Living. The skin on our face requires additional care and attention, and our towels are crafted of superior-quality cotton that are soft to touch and super absorbent.

When it comes to quality and designs, you can trust the soft material of our face towels, customized to meet your requirements. Whether you need a face towel every time you wash your face or during your skincare routine, our soft face towels are assured to enhance your experience.

Explore our selection of face towels

Pure Home + Living carries a timeless assortment of superior-quality face towels online. These soft cotton face towels by Pure Home + Living are the perfect addition to your bath space, making it hygienic and neat. You can place these on our bathroom trays to complete the look. Here are some bestselling options you can consider:

1. Set of 8 Grey Cotton Face Towels: As you indulge yourself in a refreshing bathing experience, the Grey Cotton Face Towels by Pure Home + Living make you feel extra special. Designed out of 550 GSM cotton, this super-soft face towel is designed to impart gentle care to your face’s delicate skin. The unique grey colour of the towel appears aesthetic and imparts a touch of elegance to your bathroom setting.

2. Set of 8 Indigo Cotton Face Towels: As you step out of your shower after a relaxing bath, clean your face with the softest face towels by Pure Home + Living. This set is gentle on your skin and aesthetic in your bathroom setting. The classic indigo hue of the towels imparts a royal touch to your bathroom décor.

3. Set of 8 Pink Prime Face Towels: Spruce up your skincare routine with this premium set of face towels by Pure Home + Living. The face towel set imparts a touch of colorful vibe and gentleness to your daily cleaning routine. The towel is luxuriously soft as it is designed out of 550 GSM cotton material.

Why shop face towels online from Pure Home + Living

Gentle construction: The face towels online are made out of 550 GSM cotton material. This offers a gentle and soft touch on your skin.

Bathroom décor: You can enhance your bathroom décor by placing these aesthetic towels in your personal space to add a touch of elegance.

Variety of hues: With Pure Home + Living, you get to choose from a wide variety of color options for face towels. With such a variety, you can enhance your personal space beautifully.

Shop bestselling face towels from Pure Home + Living

- Set of 8 Pink Prime Face Towels
- Set of 8 Dark Pink Cotton Face Towels
- Set of 8 Beige Cotton Face Towels

Discover face towels to complete the look of your bathroom

Pure Home + Living features an elegant and soft range of premium face towels online for your bathroom. You can elevate your bathroom décor with our extensive collection of face towels online, as they are distinctive and appealing.


1. Which material is best for face towels?

A good face towel should be soft and gentle on your skin. It should be crafted with premium materials like pure cotton. For the best results, choose 550 GSM cotton to make sure that it is soft on your skin.

2. How often should I replace face towels?

It is recommended to replace your face towels every 6-12 months. To extend the overall lifespan of your face towels, wash them separately from other laundry to prevent cross-contamination.

3. Where should I keep face towels?

It is recommended to store face towels in a dry, ventilated area. A damp atmosphere can serve as an ideal house for bacteria and lead to skin allergies. To display them aesthetically, shop our bathroom trays.

4. Are face towels necessary?

If you have sensitive skin, you should use a face towel so that this towel does not come in contact with other areas of the body. You can explore hand and bath towels from Pure Home + Living to complete your towel collection.

5. How do face towels absorb water?

Face towels are made out of pure cotton material that is an excellent absorbent of water and moisture.