Bathroom Waste Bins

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Your bathroom space should be kept neat, clean and hygienic, therefore, a dustbin designated to the bathroom is an essential. Having a dedicated bathroom waste basket is imperative for you to ensure optimum cleanliness, hygiene, and top-notch health in your personal space. Shop bathroom dustbins and other bathroom accessories like bath mats, bath towels from Pure Home + Living to elevate your bathroom space.

Bathroom dustbins serve as temporary storage for bathroom waste before disposal. However, placing just any bin in the bathroom can detract from its appeal. To enhance your bathroom decor, consider purchasing bath dustbin from Pure Home + Living. We feature elegant designs in timeless colours that have a soft closure.

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At Pure Home + Living, we have an attractive selection of dustbins for bathrooms that elevate your personal space effortlessly. You can browse through our selection of metal dustbins and waste bins in different shapes to ensure that your bathroom remains clutter-free all the time.

1. White Iron Pedal Rectangular Dustbin: Keep your personal space clean and stylish with the help of this soft closure white dustbin for bathrooms. The waste bin features a proper lid to keep the waste hidden from direct view. The sleek structure of the dustbin takes up minimal space in your bathroom. Moreover, it is also constructed out of durable iron material to last longer

2. Black Iron Pedal Rectangular Dustbin: Enhance your space by placing this stylish bathroom waste bin in a dedicated corner. The classic black iron model of the waste bin makes it an attractive decorative item. Moreover, the compact size of the dustbin makes it more appealing.

3. White Iron Pedal Circular Dustbin: Blend style and functionality by installing this classic white iron circular waste bin in your bathroom corner. The designer circular shape of the bin delivers a timeless finish while complementing all sizes and forms of bathrooms. The waste bin is made out of durable iron material to last longer in your personal space.

Why shop bathroom dustbins online from Pure Home + Living

- Durable and stylish: At Pure Home + Living, we feature an attractive range of bathroom dustbins to choose from. To top it all, our dustbins are durable as well. Made from iron, they maximize durability and functionality

- Various shapes: As you browse through the functional range of bathroom dustbins at Pure Home + Living, you will come across different shapes, including rectangular and circular, to elevate your bathroom space.

- Convenience: When you buy bathroom waste basket online from Pure Home + Living, you have the convenience of disposing all your bathroom-specific waste items in a specific corner rather than cluttering your personal space.

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- White Iron Pedal Circular Dustbin with Lid
- Black Iron Pedal Rectangular Dustbin
- Black Iron Pedal Circular Dustbin with Lid

Discover unique waste bins for a clutter-free bathroom

At Pure Home + Living, you can shop an attractive range of bathroom dustbin that not only deliver functionality but also appear aesthetic in your bathroom space.


1. How big should a bathroom dustbin be?

Bathroom bins are expected to be slightly compact to accommodate any space. Preferably, they should be around 3-5 litres.

2. What should you put in the bathroom dustbins?

Bathroom dustbins can be used for storing a myriad of waste items, including napkins, makeup wipes, tissues, and other day-to-day items.

3. How can I clean the bathroom dustbin?

You can use a disinfectant spray on the bin’s inside while scrubbing the same with a brush to remove all dust and grime. You can leave the bin to dry completely.

4. How often should I empty the bathroom dustbin?

You can empty the bins as soon as they are full to maintain hygiene of your bathroom space. It would depend on the bin volume and usage.