Lalima Chhabra

Space stylist & set designer

“People often ask me what are my go-tos for styling an elegant festive table at home! Honestly, I could write a 2 page essay on this but let me start with sharing 3 tips that work. The space. Candles. Personalised finishing touches.”

Space styling 101

“Selecting a space is very important and with the weather changing and nip in the air, your backyard or terrace or even balcony could be a great place to style. Embrace layering, impactful colors and the joy of hosting this festive season”

“There is nothing better than adding pillar candles, votives, candelabras to add drama to your festive tablescape. So, dust them out for the season, and also invest in newer pieces which are timeless. Create a cluster or runner by layering different pieces of varying heights and textures.”

A touch of your personality

“Don’t forget to add personal touches! Include your favorite silk flowers, personalized cards and of course don’t forget to bring joie de vivre to the table. Style nooks/ corners or tables in a maximalist way to create festive vignettes around the house.”

How to set up an elegant dinner table for the festive season

One way to make this festive season even more special is by setting up an elegant tablescape that reflects the spirit of celebrations. Read on as Pure Home + Living walks you through the steps to create a stunning festive tablescape for Diwali and the festivities that follow that combines tradition with modern elegance. From choosing the right dinnerware online to lighting up your table with candles, Pure Home + Living has got you covered with tips from renowned set designer and space stylist, Lalima Chhabra.

1. Choosing the perfect festive table setup:

  • Selecting a tablecloth, placemats, and napkins that align with the festive or Diwali theme, featuring vibrant colors and intricate designs. You can go for a colour based theme like green and gold for a traditional look. Opt for red and blue for a modern and chic look for the season. Pure Home + Living’s collection is divided by colour for you to easily choose from.
  • Incorporating traditional elements like rangoli patterns or artificial floral arrangements as part of your table decor. Pure Home + Living features a wide selection of artificial flowers and plants that will last you beyond seasons.
  • Balancing aesthetics with functionality to ensure a comfortable dining experience for your guests.

2. Finding the ideal dinnerware online:

  • Explore Pure Home + Living’s website online to discover elegant dinnerware options for your Diwali tables setup. The collection features plates with gold borders in scalloped style along with coloured plates with textures like radial and fizz. These plates feature a real 24 karat gold border that add a subtle gleam to your table setup.
  • Mixing and matching dinner plates, side plates, and dessert plates to create an appealing layered effect. You can also opt for charger plates to complete the look.
  • Considering tableware pieces like glassware, and cutlery to complement your chosen theme.

3. Enhancing your tablescape with candles:

  • Incorporating the warm and inviting glow of candles into your Diwali table setup. Pure Home + Living has LED candles that have a 5 hour run-time with an on/off switch that can enhance your table scape in any weather condition,
  • Choosing from a variety of candle options, including tea lights, pillar candles, and decorative candle holders from Pure Home + Living. These candles have a sweet scent that will enhance your table setup.
  • Using candles strategically to highlight focal points and create a captivating ambiance. You can place them in each hurricane and candle holder next to every guest’s plate setting to ensure the space around them is well and beautifully lit.

4. Elevating your tableware selection:

  • Discussing the importance of quality and durability when selecting tableware for a festive occasion. Dinnerware from Pure Home + Living is crafted in superior quality porcelain, ceramic and glass. Available in elegant colours like green, blue, white and red, PHL’s combinations are perfect to elevate your dinner table setup.
  • Exploring options for adding intricate detailing and embellishments to your tableware pieces. Pure Home + Living’s napkin rings are embellished with sparkling golden details like beads and sequins.
  • Ensuring that your chosen tableware complements the overall color scheme and style of your tablescape. At Pure Home + Living, all colours are available to complement any colour scheme that you may be following for your festive table setup.

5. DIY Diwali decor ideas:

  • Getting creative with DIY decorations, such as hand writted name cards in holders is the perfect way to add personalisation and make your guests feel special.
  • Personalizing your tablescape with Diwali elements like diyas (oil lamps) and torans (door hangings) can add a traditional touch to your festive setup.
  • Incorporating floral arrangements and flower stems to add a touch of elegance to your table. Pure Home + Living’s artificial flower stems and greens are the perfect match to real flowers and make for the ideal addition to any tablescape. These faux flowers are easy to maintain and clean, and will last you for seasons to come.


Q1. What is the significance of Diwali table decorations?

Diwali table decorations symbolize the festival's essence, promoting warmth, hospitality, and togetherness among family and friends. It all comes together with candles, colours and the traditional art of rangoli making.

Q2. Where can I find elegant dinnerware online for Diwali?

You can shop elegant dinnerware at Pure Home + Living that features a wide variety of dinner plates, chargers, cutlery and table accessories like napkin rings, table mats and more.

Q3. How do I create a balanced color palette for my Diwali tablescape?

Consider incorporating traditional Diwali colors like gold, red, blue and green while maintaining a harmonious balance that suits your personal style. The collection at Pure Home + Living is perfect to deck up a table setup for the festive season like options like home decor, artificial flowers, dinnerware, hurricanes, t-light holders and more.

Q4. Are there any specific traditions to follow when setting up a Diwali table?

While there are no strict rules, incorporating elements like diyas, rangoli, and floral arrangements is a wonderful way to embrace Diwali traditions. Creating an elegant Diwali tablescape is a delightful way to infuse the spirit of Diwali into your home and gatherings. By following these expert tips and incorporating traditional elements, you can design a tablescape that will leave your guests in awe. From finding the perfect dinnerware online to crafting your own Diwali decor, your festive table setup will be the centerpiece of a joyous celebration. Illuminate your Diwali with a beautifully set table that reflects the warmth and tradition of this beloved festival.

Q5. What are some budget-friendly options for creating an elegant Diwali tablescape?

You can create an elegant tablescape on a budget by utilizing DIY decor, repurposing existing items, and exploring cost-effective tableware options from Pure Home + Living like cutlery, table accessories like table mats, table napkins and napkin rings.