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Votive Candle Holders Buying Style Guide

Candles can elevate the interior design and calm the senses. They give out a warm, pleasant light and are used for house decoration, stress relief, and mental relaxation. Candle holders are decorative accents that hold the candles, and votive holders, where soy wax is hand-poured into cylindrical glass jars, are trending as popular pieces of home decor. Votive candle holders are home decor accessories that can instantly improve the appeal of your surroundings. Explore the range of luxurious candle holders at Pure Home + Living.

Shop Votive Holder Online from PHL

The candle votive holders available at Pure Home + Living come in a variety of options, such as gorgeous glass votive holders, ornate metal candle holders, and elegant wooden candle holders. Add these to your collection of home decor to introduce glow and luminance to the dining table or the study area, and you will be able to charm guests with the aesthetics of your place.

Explore the Wide Selection of Top Candle Votive Holders

Here are some statement votive candle holders that you can buy to enhance the decor of your place:

Glass stem candle holder:

The gleaming candle holders with a stem will lend a festive vibe to your home while rendering your home with a touch of sophistication. The luminous gold patterns shine brightly in the candlelight, thus acting as a focal point of the room.

Gold cut patterned candle holder:

These votive holders have a cut-glass pattern that will surely add a regal touch to your tablespace.

Copper patterned votive holders:

Experience the blend of warmth and luxury with these opulent candle votive holders, which are adorned with delicate patterns on translucent glass.

Silver patterned votive candle holder:

With these candle holders, you can bring a dash of luxury to your place when these will create eye-catching corners wherever they are placed.

Antique Shimmer Glass Votive Holder:

These tall sparkling votive holders sit atop a slender stem and are bell-shaped with a beautiful gold rim. They display the perfect mix of vintage art and modernity.

Ribbed Textured Candle Holder:

These durable glass candle holders are a perfect example of elegant home decor. These can be used as centrepieces to add vibrancy to your tablespace.

Clear Glass Hammered Candle Votive Holder:

These contemporary yet inviting glass votives are must-haves and will give the home a minimalist vibe.

Why Shop Votives Online from PHL?

The range of votive candle holders available at Pure Home +Living come in a variety of designs, sizes, colours, and forms, therefore letting one adorn coffee tables, dining tables, study tables, or other corners of the house in an elegant way. You are assured of getting 100% satisfaction with the quality of the votives and candle holders. Each piece is unique and will add sophistication to your interiors.

Discover Unique Votive Candle Holders for a Distinctive Look

Gone are the days when you used to envy your neighbour’s house and feel awestruck but helpless looking at their expensive home decor. With our collection of the best volatile candle holders, designed with inspiration from different parts of the world, you are assured of getting handpicked varieties of exquisite candle holders at the best price range.


1. Do votive candles need a holder?

Votive candles are longer than tealight candles and, hence, are created in a special design with a bell top that allows the wax to melt evenly, distributing the fragrance evenly. As votives don’t come in a container cup, they require a votive holder to burn them properly.

2. What are votive candle holders used for?

Votives help contain the dripping wax and protect the surface from heat damage. These candle holders add to the decor of the setting by providing a decorative element to the candles that they hold.

3. How to use votive candle holders?

Votive candle holders are glass jars with or without a lid. They are often made of heat-resistant, non-inflammable materials, so tealights or candles can be placed in them for an extended period of time. These candle holders can be used for themed candle-centric decoration or as a centrepiece on the dining table or the study table.

4. How do you style votive candles?

Votive candles create a soothing ambiance while invoking a feeling of tranquillity. They are available in different shapes, such as geometric, oval, and taper, and in amazing colours and designs. These votive candles are often styled with crystals and other embellishments to increase their appeal and dazzle.

5. How do I clean my votive candle holder?

Votive candle holders are very easy to clean and maintain. First, you have to remove the accumulated wax by scratching it and chipping it away. Then, soak the candle in hot water, but make sure to allow the glass or ceramic accessory to return to normal temperature. This will make it easy to wipe away the remaining wax residue with paper or cloth. The candle holder is ready for use again.

Product Name Price
Black & Platinum Shimmer Hammered Glass Votive Holder - Large ₹ 1,199
Black & Antique Gold Shimmer Glass Votive Holder - Large ₹ 1,199
Black & Platinum Shimmer Hammered Glass Votive Holder - Small ₹ 999
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