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LED Candles

LED Candles

Shop LED candles online from Pure Home + Living

Illuminate your space with our attractive selection of LED candles for your bedroom or living area. Transform your space with the enchanting glow of automatic LED candles. Whether you are a candle lover, an interior design enthusiast, or simply someone who loves adding a touch of warmth to your living space, Pure Home + Living is your one-stop shop to buy LED candles with a naturalistic feel. These are coated with real wax and its natural flicker.

LED candles from Pure Home + Living are a safe and beautiful way to brighten up your living space. They offer the perfect combination of convenience and ambiance, ideal for every setting, from lively parties to serene bedrooms. To complete the look, you can also shop for home decor items like candle holders to enhance your living space.

Explore Pure Home + Living’s wide selection of LED candles

Our LED candles exude the charm of real wax candles and they feature high-end innovation of LED technology, with a run time of five hours. If you wish to buy LED candles online, you can shop at our exclusive collection at Pure Home + Living. Our collection of mesmerizing LED candles offers a beautiful range of choices catering to every occasion.

Beige LED Flickering Flame Rustic Candles:

The beige tone adds a neutral and elegant touch to complement different interior themes. It is a unique and innovative home decor item covered with real wax to lend a natural feel. Safe to use around children and pets, these candles are easy to switch on and off.

Grey LED Flickering Flame Smooth Candle:

This grey flickering LED candle is a practical and aesthetic addition to your cozy home decor. Pair them with our candle holders to create a charming display that will steal the show.

Neutral LED Realistic Flame Candle:

If you wish to impart a sense of serenity and beauty to your home decor, you can shop this LED candle to elevate the space effortlessly.

Why shop LED candles online from Pure Home + Living?

Versatile and stylish:

Be it for a romantic dinner night or celebrating a relaxing evening setting, Pure Home + Living’s beautiful LED candles are perfect for all occasions. These candles are highly diverse, stylish and functional.


LED candles are sustainable and economical. They are waxless and flame-free which makes them last longer. After a five hour run time with a natural flicker, these candles automatically switch off, conserving power.

Safe to use around children and pets:

If you have little ones and/or pets at home, LED candles are safe to use. As these are flameless and battery operated, our LED candles do not get hot and can be easily moved around from one corner to another.

Ease of use and maintenance:

Placing LED candles on their own or in candle holders is easy as they are flameless. These are also easy to clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust.

Discover bestselling LED Candles from Pure Home + Living

  • Beige LED Flickering Flame Candle
  • Neutral LED Realistic Flame Candle
  • White LED Flickering Flame Candle

Discover LED Candles for a distinctive look

At Pure Home + Living, our online home décor store features an extensive collection of beautiful LED candles, making sure that there is something for every type of candle enthusiast. Whether you are planning an event, decorating your home interiors, or searching for a unique gift option, our LED candles are designed to impress.


1. Do LED Candles last long?

Pure Home + Living’s LED candles are flameless and battery operated. They have a run time for 5 hours and automatically switch off to recharge. If you notice reduced brightness of the candle’s flicker or if it stops working, it is time to replace its batteries and it will work as good as new.

2. Are LED candles waterproof?

Electric LED candles are not waterproof. Therefore, they could be damaged when in contact with water as they are battery operated.

3. Can I use LED candles for home decor?

Yes. Our extensive range of beautiful LED candles at Pure Home + Living elevate your home decor by completing and brightening any corner. We make use of topmost quality materials like a coat of real wax to lend it a natural finish.

4. Can I use LED candles for different occasions?

Yes. You can use LED candles for different occasions. You can plan a romantic dinner night or light up the space for any celebration, intimate or big. You can also use ambient lighting to create a warm atmosphere for different settings.

5. Are LED candles reliable?

LED candles from Pure Home + Living assure of the usage of superior quality materials and technology to deliver the best experience.

Product Name Price
Beige LED Flickering Flame Rustic Candle ₹ 899
Grey LED Flickering Flame Smooth Candle ₹ 799
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