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Keep your beverages chilled with functional ice buckets

Ice buckets are useful to provide ice cubes for chilled drinks at any and every occasion. They are compact, easy to carry, and accompanied by tongs to transfer the ice easily. While buying an ice bucket online, you must ensure checking that the bucket is impact-resistant, and well-insulated, to maximise the chilling effect. While buying an ice bucket for your home bar, you should also check if it is crafted from food-grade material and is handy enough to carry for outdoor activities like picnics and parties.

Shop ice buckets online from Pure Home + Living (PHL)

When hosting a party at home or heading for an outdoor excursion, ensuring chilled beverages for your guests can be a challenge. Discover ice buckets online from Pure Home + Living that are convenient way to store ice cubes for travel or for gatherings at home. We offer a variety of ice buckets crafted from premium materials like hammered metal.

Explore our selection of ice buckets

PHL has curated an extensive selection of ice buckets online to choose from.


We use stainless steel and aluminium to craft ice buckets as they are durable, gleaming and also look aesthetically pleasing. These are food-safe and hammered to perfection for the look.

Design and colour options:

You can explore a variety of champagne buckets or wine coolers online on our website, in classic shapes. From hammered designs and more, discover options for adding a touch uniqueness bar with our ice buckets.


At PHL, you can choose from ice buckets for bars and homes with various capacities. Opt for a larger capacity bucket to ensure an ample supply of ice and keeping your guests' drinks perfectly chilled.

Why shop serving bowls online from Pure Home + Living?

If you are looking for elegant yet functional serving bowls online to add to your tableware collection, discover Pure Home + Living’s (PHL) collection. Not only are these bowls easy to match and style, they are safely delivered to your doorstop, on time.

Why shop ice buckets online from PHL?

Premium selection:

PHL offers a curated range of high-quality ice buckets for durability and style.

Diverse options:

Choose from compact to large-capacity ice buckets, catering to various needs and preferences. Whether you require ice buckets for home or to display in your bar section, we have got you covered.

Customer satisfaction:

PHL prioritises a seamless shopping experience with user-friendly navigation and secure transactions.

Material excellence:

Our ice buckets and bar tools are crafted from superior quality materials that ensure effective ice chilling.

Innovative designs:

You can explore a variety of designs at PHL, from classic stainless steel to modern and unique options.

Discover our bestselling ice buckets products from PHL

  • Gold Hammered Metal Wine Bucket
  • Silver Hammered Metal Wine Bucket

Discover unique Ice buckets for a distinctive look

An ice bucket is an essential accessory for any bar, ensuring that bottles of wine or champagne are served at the optimal temperature. Shop ice buckets online from PHL, which offer beautifully designed metal ice buckets crafted with sturdy stainless steel and aluminium providing both style and durability. You can shop for other bar accessories like cocktail shakers, bar trays, and more.


1. Which are the best materials for ice buckets to shop?

Ice buckets that are made of stainless steel and aluminium are generally considered the best.

2. Why are ice buckets used?

An ice bucket is a container designed for holding ice cubes. It serves the dual purpose of providing ice for drinks and keeping bottles of wine cool.

3. When do people use ice buckets?

People use ice buckets when there is an outdoor party season, celebrations at home or any special occasions to keep their beverages chilled.

4. What are the cleaning tips of an ice bucket?

Wash an ice bucket with a mixture of warm water and soap, then rinse it thoroughly. Air thoroughly to maintain the shine of the bucket.

5. How can I safely handle ice buckets?

Handle ice buckets with tongs and dry hands. Regularly clean the bucket from outside and store them in a clean & dry place to prevent.

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