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Hand Towels

Hand Towels: A must-have bathroom decor essential

Keeping soft hand towels in your home is essential for everyday use and for when you are entertaining guests. Place soft hand towel sets in every bathroom, ensuring a luxurious and hygienic ambiance at home.

Shop hand towels online from Pure Home+Living (PHL)

You can explore a diverse range of hand towels online at PHL. You can use them not only in the bathroom but also in the kitchen, during gym sessions, outdoor activities etc. Placing and presenting hand towels properly in your home is essential as it impacts the overall appearance . Thus, maintain the style and theme of your home with our superior quality cotton hand towels online, available in timeless colour options.

Explore the wide selection of hand towels

Here is the range of hand towels online that you can explore:

White hand towel sets

If you are looking for white hand towel sets for a luxurious appeal, we have got you covered. Made with superior-quality cotton, our hand towels lend a touch of sophistication to your home.

Hand towel sets

We recommend you to shop our hand towel sets. From dark pink to beige and white colour, you can find various colour options and designs at one store.

Cotton Hand Towels

Cotton hand towels are the preferred option for a soft, plush, and luxurious experience. Being a natural material, cotton can be highly absorbent and easy-to-care-for. With an array of designs and colours, these hand towels not only enhance functionality but also upgrade the style of any bathroom. Our cotton hand towels offer quickie drying, unmatched comfort and versatility for an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Why shop hand towels online from PHL?

Explore the wide range of hand towels at PHL, crafted from superior quality materials. You can choose according to your preferences and can select the perfect colour, size, and designs. The best part is that you can upgrade your bathroom decor with matching or colourful bath towels and hand towels. Shop PHL's extensive range of bath towels, face towels, and towel sets, available at affordable prices.

Check out the top hand towel products from PHL

These are the top 3 hand towel products that you can shop from PHL:-

  • ● Set Of 4 Dark Pink Cotton Hand Towels
  • ● Set Of 4 Beige Cotton Hand Towels
  • ● Set Of 4 Beige Cotton Hand Towel

Discover unique hand towels for a distinctive look

Stock up on these indispensable essentials to ensure you're never without the comfort of soft hand towels. Choose the ones that complement your bathroom decor. Whether the hand towels are used in gym or outdoor picnic bags, they are the perfect companions for a comfortable experience.


Are hand towels an essential at home?

Yes, hand towels are necessary as they are used in the bathroom. But you can use them in gyms and outdoor areas, by providing a quick and efficient way to maintain hygiene.

What material of hand towels should I choose for my home?

You should choose cotton hand towels for your home as cotton offers quick drying and is soft to touch.

Why is a hand towel useful?

Hand towels offer several benefits including encouraging cleanliness and hygiene, and add a decorative touch to your home decor.

Where should I keep my hand towel?

Style your hand towels near the bathroom sink. Place them nicely rolled in a bathroom tray, also available to shop at Pure Home + Living online. You can complete the look with sleek bathroom accessories like soap dishes and soap dispensers.

Why do my hand towels get dirty?

Due to constant use, hand towels tend to accumulate lint and dirt. You can maintain them and keep them clean by washing them at regular intervals. Opt for hand washing or toss them in the washing machine after using 2-3 times.

Product Name Price
Set Of 4 Grey Cotton Hand Towel ₹ 989
Set Of 4 Grey Cotton Hand Towel ₹ 989
Set Of 4 Beige Cotton Hand Towel ₹ 989
Set Of 4 Beige Cotton Hand Towels ₹ 989
Set Of 4 Indigo Cotton Hand Towel ₹ 989
Set Of 4 Purple Cotton Hand Towels ₹ 989
Set Of 4 Beige Prime Hand Towel ₹ 1,189
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