As the days become longer and the sun shines bright, it’s time to infuse your space with the vibrant energy of summertime. The season is all about embracing nature and bringing it indoors. As the sun graces us with its radiant warmth, it's the perfect time to refresh your home decor and elevate it with the joyful vibe of the season. While nature blooms outside, bringing vibrant colours and fresh scents of the season inside your beautiful home can uplift the mood and invigorate the surroundings.

Think cool colours, breathable textiles, tropical motifs, botanical accents, and more. From colour schemes reminiscent of sunset to airy textures that remind you of the ocean breeze, Pure Home + Living will help you prep for alfresco afternoons and sunny sundowners in style. Whether you're lounging indoors or basking in the warmth of your backyard, your home deserves a seasonal makeover with trendy home décor that reflects the cheerful spirit of the sun-kissed months. Pure Home + Living will help you create a serene oasis with breezy summer decor ideas to shift into the new season aesthetically.

Embrace the season’s vibrancy with these trending decor ideas that will breathe new life into your space:

1. Lighten your textiles

Transforming your home for Spring is all about embracing the season’s bright yet tranquil colour palette. Bring the beauty of nature indoors with the help of embroidered cotton and linen cushions . Opt for the ones with bright floral prints and cheerful hues like pastel pinks, fresh greens, and cool blues, that will instantly add a pop of colour and freshness into your space. These playful accents infuse your living space with the essence of the season, evoking the beauty of blooming gardens. With their whimsical appeal and lively patterns, these cushions will give your space a breath of fresh air. Even in a modern, minimal scheme, introducing these patterns will liven up the space and create a harmonious blend of contemporary and natural aesthetics. Pure Home + Living has a huge variety of cushions with floral prints and botanical motifs for you to choose from. You can pick sizes according to your setting, pair them together or even mix and match with your existing cushions to lend personality to your space.

2. Embrace sweet scents

Witness the shades of Spring come alive on your table with our elegant dinnerware. Designed in pastel blue, pleasing green, and elegant ivory, the collection is crafted in superior-quality ceramic and glass to piece together the perfect table for Spring get-togethers. Elevated with chic edging, standout ribbed and textured detail, and pleasing floral prints, these pieces have got you covered with beautiful options of dinner plates, bowls, and cutlery to choose from.

3. Add a touch of greenery to every corner

Embrace the lush beauty of Spring by adding artificial greens to your home. These lifelike blooms and greens bring the outdoors in, infusing your space with charm and vitality. Durable and low-maintenance, with these, you can enjoy greenery without the hassle of watering or upkeep. Opt for Pure Home + Living’s collection of potted plants, grass balls, or vibrant blooms to add colour to your space effortlessly. Introduce lush faux plants like azalea, ferns agave plants that come with cement pots, or beautiful flower stems like dahlias, and peonies to name a few. You can also add hanging planters with cascading vines or strategically place cement and aluminum pots and planters on a side table to lend a whimsical charm to your space.

4. Add pops of colour with décor accents

While doing up your home for the season, your colour choices play a crucial role. Opt for vibrant colours that energize the space and lend liveliness to your home. Switch up the monochrome colour palette with elegant lamps and shades that will spruce up the corners instantly. You can also opt for coloured vases, leather trays, coasters and more. Explore Pure Home + Living’s collection of home décor accents that will help create visual interest in your home. Don't shy away from patterned fabrics like florals or geometric motifs to add a dash of personality.

5. Introduce natural materials

Organise your home with materials accessories like rattan, and wicker accessories to bring the beauty of nature indoors. The rustic elegance imparts a luxurious vibe, making your space look nothing less than a coastal paradise. You can pick Pure Home + Living’s collection of wicker baskets, bins, and trays that offer practical storage solutions to organise your space in style. They add texture and warmth to your decor while keeping clutter at bay.

The art of arranging a breezy home for summerThe trick of doing up your space for any season lies in mixing it with existing pieces to create a new look. Arranging the pieces in a cohesive way where it all amalgamates to lend style and personality to your home. With an extensive collection of home decor pieces at Pure Home + Living, you can create a beautifully designed space that celebrates the beauty of summer.

Here are some summer home decor ideas:

1. Summer table decor for home: Enhance your dining experience with a dash of summer charm. Choose a tablecloth crafted from natural fibers like cotton or linen for a breezy feel. Add depth with wicker placemats and add a splash of color with vibrant ceramic and tableware. Elevate the centerpiece with either a lively floral arrangement or a curated display of candles, evoking a serene coastal ambiance.

2. Lend a boho vibe: Embrace the free-spirited essence of summer with a bohemian theme. Layer textured rugs, introduce vibrant tasseled throws, and add woveFn wicker baskets and macramé wall hangings. Don't be afraid to mix and match bold colours and patterns.

3. Set up an outdoor entertaining space: Extend your living space outdoors with an inviting patio decorated with cozy cushions, and ambient lighting. Create a welcoming atmosphere for al fresco dining, lounging, or hosting summer gatherings with family and friends. You can add lanterns and candle holders to the space to add to the ambience. Set up a small table and serve your favourite summer beverages in ombre coloured glasses and pitchers to celebrate the sun-kissed weather.

Add statement lighting: Replace heavy lamps with lighter fixtures crafted from natural materials like wicker or woven bamboo. You can also opt for small T-light holders and votives or even use LED lights or scented candles to illuminate your space and add to the vibe. Consider adding string lights or fairy lights for a touch of whimsy, especially in outdoor spaces.

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