As the festival of light is around the corner, it’s time for our homes and spaces to prepare for the celebrations. Whether you are hosting your friends or celebrating with your family, Diwali calls for transforming your homes and making them beautiful. Lending it an inviting vibe and lighting it with a festive flair, decking up our homes is a ritual everyone looks forward to every year.

When it comes to decorating homes for Diwali, it isn’t about changing your entire space but adding elements to spruce up the look and feel. It is about using your creativity and resourcefulness to reinvent your space. Diwali décor shouldn't burn a hole in your pocket. Rather, it should be something you love and reuse, making you reminisce about the joyous times and happy vibes.

At Pure Home + Living, you will find a huge selection of home décor accents, fragrances, vases, photo frames, and more, to infuse a festive spirit into the space. Here are a few pieces you can pick for decorating your homes on a budget:

1.Lend colour to your space with vibrant cushions

Perfect to create a cosy nook where memories can be made and laughter shared, these cushions feature intricate embroideries and prints that will resonate with the festive vibe. Opt for festive colors like gold, deep red, navy, and green. Crafted in plush velvet, these will add a luxurious touch to any space.
Starting price – Rs. 649

2. Lend an inviting glow with candles and fragrances

Captivating candles will illuminate your home for the festive season and reed diffusers will transform your home into an aromatic haven. Opt for fragrances like jasmine, lavender, and chamomile that will lend a welcoming aura to your space. Starting price – Rs. 999

3. Brighten the space with elegant vases

Our versatile vases can be placed in any corner as standalone home decor accents or can be grouped with votives, candles, and breathtaking flowers. Crafted in glass, ceramic, and porcelain, these will surely complement your homes and add an eye-catching element to your decor.
Starting price – Rs. 1199

4. Piece together a serene corner with Buddha and Ganesha figurines

Channel peace and tranquility into any space with these sculptures and figurines. Crafted with attention to detail, these can be placed in your garden area, cabinets, or even your entryway.
Starting price – Rs.549

5. Add personality to your corners with luxurious photo frames.

Photo frames help showcase life’s treasured memories and lend your space a touch of warmth. They make your space uniquely personal and inviting. At Pure Home + Living, you will find a wide selection of metal and faux leather photo frames, spruced up with stitch detail on the edges and textured finishes to elevate your space instantly.
Starting price – Rs. 1449

6. Elevate your home for the festivities with our exquisite candle holders

Crafted in festive-ready shades and featuring unmissable details, these votives, hurricanes, and lanterns will lend an undeniable charm to your space. Place them on windows, balconies, and entranceways to welcome guests. They work as small touches that can be placed anywhere to infuse the festive spirit into your homes. Starting price – Rs.399

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