Sharmila Patil

Host with the most aesthetic

“When it comes to hosting, there are several key essentials that elevate an ordinary gathering into a memorable experience. While seemingly insignificant, these elements play a vital role in setting the tone and atmosphere for any event. As a host, my primary concern lies in making people feel special and appreciated. To achieve this, I consistently go the extra mile, ensuring that every detail is carefully orchestrated to create a warm and inviting ambiance”

Aesthetically pleasing additions

“I dedicate ample attention to the overall decor. Incorporating warm colors in the furnishings and soft lighting creates a sense of comfort and coziness. Intimate seating arrangements, arranged thoughtfully to foster intimate conversations, ensure that guests feel connected and engaged with one another.”

“One essential element in hosting is creating a pleasant fragrance throughout the space. Scented candles, with their gentle flickering flame and pleasant aroma, have the power to transform any room. A fragrant blend of vanilla, lavender, or citrus can infuse the air with an enchanting aroma, instantly uplifting the mood of guests. The flickering glow of candles enhances the cozy ambiance, encouraging guests to relax and engage in meaningful conversations.”

Tip for the hosts

“Engaging all the senses is crucial in creating a memorable experience. The inclusion of soft background music, curated to suit the occasion, adds another layer of depth to the gathering. The right playlist – whether it be soothing jazz, vibrant world beats, or classical melodies – can evoke emotions, spark nostalgia, and complement the atmosphere created by the fragrant ambiance and well-appointed decor.”