During Diwali, besides decorating our homes and lighting them up, the one thing we all look forward to is meeting friends and family and sharing a meal with them. Celebrations, as they say, are incomplete without good food and great company.

As families come together to exchange gifts, and bask in the festive spirit, the dining table at home becomes a focal point of celebrations. A stunningly decorated table not only adds to the experience of indulging in the Diwali feast, but also lends an enchanting feel to your home. It encapsulates the essence of the season and transforms meals into a memorable experience.

Here are a few tips you can incorporate while decorating your table:

1.Craft the perfect palette for a Diwali feast with colourful dinnerware

Light up your Diwali table with Pure Home and Living's collection of festive-ready dinnerware. With a beautiful selection of chargers, dinner, and dessert plates, there is something for every aesthetic. Each hue, pattern, and design not only complements the grandeur of the occasion but also narrates a story of celebration and tradition. With a riot of colours, the table will lend the home an inviting ambience. From classic neutrals to vivid shades like blue, green, red, and ambler, every piece will lend the space a visual treat, adding a festive vibe to every bite.

2.Lend elegance with luxurious table mats, napkins, and napkin rings

Often considered the understated stars of any table are the table mats, napkins, and napkin rings that add to the opulence. Table mats serve as the foundation of the setup and the napkins and napkin rings elevate the fine details to lend a celebratory vibe to the table. At Pure Home + Living, you will find table linens to match every dinnerware collection you like. Be it classic pieces with beige and gold details or coloured ones with embroidery, with PHL’s selection you can accessorize your table effortlessly.

3.Bite into the feast with the finest cutlery

Dig into your favourite meals with gleaming forks, knives, and spoons from Pure Home + Living. While your dinnerware and table linens play a major role in setting the table, you cannot forget the role played by cutlery in bringing the look together. Adding a touch of grandeur, these exquisitely crafted pieces in stainless steel will turn each meal into a regal affair.

4.Raise a toast to togetherness with exquisite glassware

With a colourful palette and intricate designs that catch the light, Pure Home + Living’s collection of glasses is crafted keeping in mind the celebrations. Capturing the vibrancy of Diwali and lending an artistic touch to the table, these glasses feature prints, textured details, and 24-karat real gold rim that will surely complement your dinnerware beautifully.

5.For a final touch, opt for a blooming centerpiece

Celebrate unfading and ever-so-radiant love with Pure Home + Living’s collection of faux flowers. Timeless and vibrant, they capture the spirit of the season and ensure the table remains adorned in beauty. From colourful flowers to complementary pots, Pure Home + Living’s selection will lend an undeniable charm to your table scape. Shop all your dinnerware essentials for Diwali online from or visit our stores to shop now.

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