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Explore most popular and classic flower arrangement styles and make your home appear fuller, fresher and brighter

When it comes to home décor, the options are endless, but nothing quite captures the beauty of the natural world and has as much variety as flowers and greens, with options for every kind of aesthetic, flowers and greens are just right for you, no matter what kind of vibe you’re looking for, so this season, why not brighten up your living space with one of these natural décor ideas.

The single stem.

Have a vase you want to revive or a corner that is missing just a finishing touch to tie it all together? Consider getting a large single stem to be placed in such spaces, it adds a touch of natural charm to your surrounding without interfering too much with a minimal or modern aesthetic, they’re easy to style and come in many colour and style options, whether you’re looking for a single flower of your choosing to match your colour scheme, just a touch of greenery in your setting or even a little bit of shimmer, we have just what you need.

Classical arrangements

Prefer the old school charm of elaborate flower arrangements but aren’t able to keep up with the level of maintenance that requires? Fret not, with our low maintenance faux flowers and greens you don’t need to worry about withering petals and constant renewal of the plants and they look every bit as convincing while having a lower impact both on budget and the environment. Choose from an array of preexisting arrangements or pick your favourites and style them yourself. We recommend using some large greens in the background to naturally frame your arrangements and placing them in any part of your home that needs brightening up to instantly elevate that space.

The natural haven

Want to create a peaceful haven in your home without having to invest in a garden area? We have just the thing for you. Start by finding a quiet space you want to transform, (think balconies, a foyer or even the corner of your study) then you need to choose a piece of furniture that fits there and feels comfortable but isn’t too heavy, perhaps a swing, hammock, comfy garden chair or even just a floor cushion and pair it with a side table or low coffee table of your choosing. Now comes the fun part, choose a variety of faux greens in different styles and sizes to fill this corner up, add some hanging as well as potted plants, we recommend arranging them in a naturally asymmetrical manner with a healthy mix of different sizes. Enjoy this space for reading, relaxing, meditating or just enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and see for yourself the peaceful feeling a touch of nature adds to your home.

The modern natural

Like to keep things sleek and modern but still want to incorporate an element of natural beauty? There’s no reason not to, with a multitude of options available, you can opt to style your space with an assortment of subtle, dry arrangements in natural tones of dry stems and leaves to perfectly complement a neutral colour scheme or even go for a decorative gold foliage to add a bit of shimmer and add to a luxurious vibe.

The possibilities are endless with so many options available, make your own style or find inspiration that suits your taste, get all your flowers and greens here

Remember, these faux flowers and greens are low-maintenance, not no-maintenance. Dust them occasionally and keep them out of direct sunlight to keep the colours from fading.

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