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As the name suggests, side tables are the perfect companions for your sofas and chairs. They help to elevate the aesthetics of your space while also offering more space to create a personalized corner. But they can be used for a lot more than just a place to keep your mugs or glasses. With a dash of creativity and inspiration, they can be transformed into the perfect accent piece.

Here are some ideas to help you style your side table to perfection:

  • Add a scented candle

Let the sweet fragrance of a scented candle fill the space with positivity whilst adding light, soothing your senses and helping you relax. Match them with Pure Home + Living’s collection of lanterns, votives and candle holders to elevate the space with an understated elegance.

  • Decorate with faux flowers and greens

Mood-boosting and aesthetically pleasing, flowers add life to any space. Discover our everlasting faux flowers and greens and create bouquets that last beyond seasons. Style them with beautifully moulded vases from Pure Home + Living to take the look up a notch.

  • Include some bold, colourful pieces

A side table can be used to display beautiful home décor pieces that steal the show. From beautifully crafted figurines, to bright canisters, urns, colourful votives and candle stands, Pure Home + Living has got whole lot for you to choose from.

  • Place a tray to bring the look together

The simplest way of making your side table clutter-free and organized is by adding a tray to your mix of décor pieces. A great example of style and functionality, trays are multifunctional and will give your space a neat and polished look. Discover Pure Home + Living’s collection of trays that are perfect for any space and vibe. From colourful faux leather trays to the ones designed in glass and wicker, there are numerous options for you to pick from.

  • Add a hint of your personality with decor

Pieces like trays, vases, votives, greens and more, brighten the space instantaneously. You can try contrasting it with your upholstery or take the neutral route to match the colour scheme.

  • Make a memory corner

Showcase photographs and special memories in our elegant frames. These photo frames will add warmth to the entire space. Explore Pure Home + Living’s collection of photo frames. From stunning gold and silver to faux leather, our collection has everything you need.

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