Summer is here, which means it is the perfect time to give your home a much-needed refresh. From using colours to adding prints, summer calls for going all out.
Infuse a vibrant spirit in your home with these easy-to-follow tips and tricks. From embracing natural elements to incorporating perky patterns, these ideas will transform your living space into a delightful summer retreat.

1. Add a splash of colour 

Infuse your space with vibrant pops of colour to create a joyful, energetic atmosphere. Incorporate colourful accessories like cushion covers, vases, hurricanes and more, to transform any space instantly. Opt for Pure Home + Living’s collection of home décor pieces, that are perfect to evoke a summery feel.

2. Play with patterns 

Incorporate bold prints and cheerful patterns to lend your home a lively vibe. Choose from Pure Home + Living’s selection of blooming florals and geometric motifs that come alive on cushion covers, storage boxes, trays, glassware and more, to bring a sense of happiness into your space.

3. Add vibrant flowers 

Nothing brightens up the space like vibrant blooms. Display vases of colourful faux flowers from Pure Home + Living to add a touch of natural beauty. Life-like and cheerful, these will last you for seasons to come.

4. Create a green nook

Setting up a corner with greens will add a touch of nature and make it more lively. Pure Home + Living brings you a collection of potted plants and greens that you can place in your living room, patio or even your work desk and bathroom. The perfect alternative to their real-life counterpart, these require little to no care and will retain their appearance for seasons.

5. Light up those lamps 

Lamps are one décor piece that will not only add sophistication to any nook but will light up your room instantly. Pure Home + Living’s collection offers a wide variety of lamp shades and lamp stands for you. From classic glass stands to colourful ceramic ones, each lamp stand comes with a unique shade that features neutrals and vivid pops to vibe with your home décor effortlessly.

6. Declutter and organize

You have no idea how much of a difference organizing a space can do to make it feel lighter and brighter. Opt for Pure Home + Living’s collection of organizing pieces that will help you declutter. From wicker baskets and faux leather jewellery organisers to trays and more, these sturdy, durable and lightweight pieces will help you sort your essentials and create a sense of calm in your space.

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