Finding the perfect glass for your drink might be challenging. Read this guide by Pure Home + Living and channel your inner bartender to sip and serve in style. 

When it comes to enjoying a fine drink, the glass you choose to pour it into can significantly enhance the overall experience. The right glassware not only lends elegance to your bar and the whole experience, but also plays a crucial role in capturing the aromas and flavours of different beverages.

Wine Glasses

Indulge in your favourite wine with our elegant wine glasses. Enjoy your reds in dainty red wine glasses by Pure Home + Living. With a larger bowl and wider opening, red wine glasses allow for maximum aeration, enhancing the wine's aroma and allowing its flavour to unfold. Characterised by a smaller bowl and a narrower opening, white wine glasses help preserve the wine's cooler temperature. The narrower shape concentrates the aromas, enhancing the delicate flavours of white wines and maintaining their acidity. 

Whiskey Glasses

For all whiskey enthusiasts, the glassware is as important as their spirit of choice. Pure Home + Living brings to you diamond textured bar glasses crafted in the Czech Republic. The broad, bulbous nature of our glasses enhances the aroma and flavour with every sip. 

Highball Glasses

Make Pure Home + Living a part of your every day with our most-loved, multipurpose high ball glasses. Serve orange juice or your favourite cocktail with undeniable sophistication in this bestselling pick. Often called Collins glasses, these compliment refreshing drinks that require lots of ice. The wide opening makes it easy to add ingredients, such as spirits, mixers, and garnishes, into the glass. Their shape helps make the concoction vibrant, versatile and attractive, allowing you to enjoy the aromas of the drink as you take each sip.

Champagne Flute Glasses
Celebrate with Pure Home +Living and pop the champagne to pour into our elegant champagne flute glasses. Their elongated, narrow shape preserves the bubbles and directs them towards the nose, enhancing the effervescence and fragrance of the champagne. The flute's design also prevents oxidation, ensuring your bubbly stays crisp and refreshing.

Bring home these champagne glasses for endless celebrations and more. 

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