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When it comes to adding colour to your space, flowers are the simplest option. Bold and bright, these joyous blooms promise to uplift your mood instantly. However, fresh flowers as beautiful are they are, can be tricky to maintain. Their regular watering, trimming and pruning require a lot of time and patience. Thus, faux flowers are your next best bet

Exceptionally realistic and true to colour and texture, choose from Pure Home + Living’s collection of faux flowers, that are the perfect alternative to the real ones. Equally beautiful yet very practical, they’ll bring light and a natural appeal to vase arrangements, table centrepieces, and beyond. With little to no maintenance, these are cost-effective and will last you for seasons to come. Whether you like individual stems or full-blown bouquets and floral arrangements, these realistic iterations are sure to please.

Here are some of the benefits of picking faux flowers:

  • Cost effective – They’re a one-time, low-cost investment for your home. While fresh and seasonal flowers are expensive and perish in a short span, these faux flowers will hold their individuality and last you long.
  • Durable – The best advantage of faux flowers is that they do not wither. They are easy to maintain and require almost no extra effort.
  • Low on maintenance – Skip the hassle of watering natural flowers by switching to their artificial counterparts. Wipe them with a cloth and you’ll get your faux flowers looking as good as new.
  • Hypoallergenic – While real flowers have pollen which might induce allergies, faux flowers don’t have any such problems.
  • Easy to style – You can cut, trim and style them in numerous ways. Be it with vases, as side table décor or with strings of lights, they come in handy all the time.

Here are some ways to clean faux flowers and greens:

  • Wash with water and mild soap – You can dunk them in water, put them under the shower or wash them gently with your hands. Avoid using hot water as it may cause the arrangement to erode, lose colour or even break. Rinse with cold or room temperature water and pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Wipe with a microfiber cloth – You can wipe them with a microfiber cloth for the flowers that should not be washed. This method is a little laborious, however, wiping each leaf and petal will remove the stubborn grime and dirt instantly.
  • Gently dust them – For a quick clean, dust them with a feather duster or use a small vacuum cleaner on the low temperature and speed setting so that the plants don’t incur any damage.
  • Clean with dry salt – For more delicate flowers that can’t be washed, the dry salt cleaning method is ideal. For that, you’ll need half a cup of salt and a zip-lock bag. Seal your flowers/stems with the salt in the bag and shake them gently to loosen the dirt. You can also alternate the salt with cornmeal if that is readily available.